How to Choose Weapons for Your World of Warcraft Warrior

How to Choose Weapons for Your World of Warcraft Warrior

Choosing weapons for your Warrior in World of Warcraft

The first thing to take into account is the level of your warrior and the specialisation or spec you have chosen for your talents as each talent tree favours a different weapon or combination of weapons.

The Arms talent tree strongly favours 2 handed weapons of every kind and if this is your chosen talent tree you should be after the highest damage 2 handed weapon you can find.

The Fury talent tree is next and favours wielding a weapon in both hands to inflict as much damage as possible on the foe. At lower levels this must be a 1 handed weapon but at level 70 the 31 point talent Titan’s Grip becomes available. This talent allows you to wield a 2 handed weapon in both hands. So before level 70 you should seek out the highest damage 1 handed weapons you can find, and when coming up to level 70 or past you should seek out the best pair of 2 handed weapons that you can.

The Protection talent tree is the last of the three and favours a combination of one handed weapon and shield. Both of these items should be the best you can find.


Step 1

Determine your Talent Tree

Determine your talent tree (if you have not done so already). pressing «N» or clicking the «Talents» button found at the bottom of your screen will show you what talents you have.

Step 2

Based on your Talent tree and level decide the best weapon for you

An Arms warrior of any level will want the best 2 handed weapon they can find at any level.

A Fury warrior under level 70 will want the best pair of 1 handed weapons they can find, above level 70 when the Titan’s Grip talent has been selected they will want the best pair of 2 handed weapons they can find.

A Protection warrior will want the best 1 handed weapon and shield they can find at any level.

Step 3

Check for racial advantages

Check to see if your race favours any particular weapons. This information can be found in your spellbook by pressing «P» or clicking on the «Spellbook» button at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the spells in the general section to check.

Dwarves gain a bonus in expertise when wielding a 1 or 2 handed mace.

Humans gain a bonus in expertise when weilding 1 or 2 handed swords and maces.

Gnomes gain a bonus in expertise when wielding daggers or 1 handed swords.

Orc’s gain an bonus in expertise with 1 and 2 handed axes and fist weapons.

Though these bonuses are small they can be the deciding factor for 2 very similar weapons.

Step 4

Weapon stats

Having narrowed down your choice of weapon or pair of weapons to 1 or 2 handed and possibly a specific type (ie a human arms warrior would benefit most from a 2 handed sword or mace) it is now time to consider the stats of the weapon.

The most important stats are the damage range of the weapon and damage per second you want the highest numbers here that you can lay your hands on.

Other influcencing factors can be weapon speed and bonus stats supplied by the weapon, the most important for warriors are hit bonus (up to maximum), strength, critical bonus, mastery bonus, expertise bonus and haste.

Things Needed
• World of Warcraft game and game time
• A Warrior Character
• Some knowledge of game mechanics

Tips & Warnings
• The colour of an items denotes its potential worth and bonuses. Purple/Epic items are the best followed by Blue/rare items followed by Green/uncommon items.
• Item level is also a good indication of how useful or powerful a particular weapon is.


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