How to copy Xbox 360 games to a hard drive

How to copy Xbox 360 games to a hard drive

Anyone with an Xbox 360 will be familiar with the dreaded Red Ring of Death which has plagued the hardware since day one.

Although there is no full proof way to stop this error from happening, you can decrease the risk by installing games to your Hard Drive. This lowers stress on the disc reader, which in turn produces less heat. In many cases, installing a game to your Hard Drive will also improve the quality of your experience as the Xbox will find the data easier to read. Follow these simple steps to install a game to your HDD.


Step 1

Insert the disc into the disc drive

Take the disc of the game you wish to install (this will be disc 1 of any game with more than one disc) and insert it into the disc drive of your Xbox 360

Step 2

Go to the options on the Xbox Hub

From the «home» hub on the xbox dashboard, find the game you wish to install. Rather than pressing «A» to start it, press «Y» to go to the options screen

Step 3

Select «install»

On this screen, you should find an «install» button. Press this and the game will begin installing to your hard drive. Depending on the size of the game, this process could take around 15 minutes.

Things Needed
• An Xbox 360
• Enough space on your HDD
• The disc for the game you wish to install

Tips & Warnings
• If you are running out of space on your Hard Drive, try deleting games that you no longer play, or save games of titles that you have completed.
• This WILL NOT stop the RRoD from happening all together, it simply lowers the risk


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