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How to grow kaffir lilies

Kaffir lilies Kaffir Lilies brighten gardens with an abundance of graceful wands of bright, silky blooms, late in summer. Sometimes Kaffir Lilies are known as Crimson Flags because of their sword-like leaves and tubular flowers in pink, rose or red atop stately spikes. They are popular for... More

How to fold socks

Sock gremlins beware! The organization fairy has arrived. For many people folding socks can be an overwhelming chore. Once you have overcome the hurdle of matching the socks, some people tend to fold socks incorrectly causing wear on the elastic. Even still there are those who don't even bother... More

How to grow a vegetable garden in a small area

Grow vegetables in limited space Many gardeners face the issue of space when growing vegetables at home. Either it is because of an apartment style building that they live in, or the garden space around their home is not much. However, with proper planning and making changes to the regular... More

How to make a rain barrel

Use recycled materials Rain barrels can be a real boon to spring, summer and fall gardeners...even those that continue their hobbies during the winter months indoors. Having an abundant amount of good quality natural rainwater for your household and garden plants will help them achieve maximum... More

How to get bubble gum out of clothing

Several methods to remove gum from fabric As you are collecting the laundry from your child's floor you notice a sticky substance on the front. Upon closer examination, you determine that the substance is the gum that your child was chewing earlier that evening. There are several simple methods... More

How to attach wall framing to a cement floor

Attaching a wall to concrete Preparing a wall for placement on concrete is fairly simple to do. Measurement is the key to being successful at attaching a wood wall to a concrete floor. Once you have located your measurements on your concrete floor, the wall should install quickly. It will take at... More

How to prune perennials

A guide to pruning perennials For well-shaped plants with an abundance of beautiful blooms, use simple methods to control growth and prolong the flowering period of your perennials. Pruning and thinning perennials improves flowering and keeps plants blooming longer. The result is more and... More

How to grow Mexican sage

If you're wanting a riot of purple in your garden, be sure to include the Mexican sage. You will be rewarded with months of long arching stems, loaded with masses of beautiful flowers. Humming-birds in your area? They too, will be especially attracted to this plant. Not only so eye-catching in... More

How to write a short sale hardship letter

A hardship letter can be key to acceptance into the program As part of your loan modification, or short sale package all lenders ask for the homeowner to write a "hardship letter". This is simply a letter stating to the lender what caused the problem you are having, that has made you fall... More

How to make an Easter «He Is Risen»  yard cross

Easter is a Christian's special time. Easter is a Christians time to remember He Is Risen. Christians everywhere are joyful to tell all about their faith. Share your faith by displaying a white yard cross in His honor. Learn the easy steps and share them with your family, friends and... More