How to avoid clutter in your house

Say goodbye to the chaos

Clutter is an issue in many houses today. It can take over any room of your home. It has a life of its own. Clutter makes your house feel smaller and disorganized, even if you know every piece that is part of your clutter.

Where does clutter come from? Some people just like to hoard, others are just procrastinators and still others get a certain amount of comfort from their possessions. If your clutter is getting to you and making you feel closed in, it is time to get it under control. With a few simple steps you can avoid having clutter in your house today and forever.


Step 1

Find a home for it

Find a home for everything. Every piece of personal property needs to have a place where it belongs. This can be magazine rack, a bookcase, a pretty box, a file cabinet, a closet, a toy box , a dresser or a cupboard. If you don’t have the correct storage you need to go out and purchase it. Avoiding clutter requires organization.

Step 2

Deal with mail

Mail is one of the biggest sources of counter clutter. Mail needs to be dealt with as soon as it comes in the door. Designate one location as the mail zone. It can be a desk or a small area of your counter. As soon as any mail comes into the house, it should be placed in the designated spot for mail. While there sort it, bills go into the bill box, magazines into the magazine rack, catalogues need to be sorted immediately. If it is something that you will want to look at, place it in the magazine rack, otherwise throw it out with all of the junk mail. Shred anything that has your name on it. If you do this immediately every day, there will be no mail clutter.

Step 3

Declutter the counter

To avoid a cluttered counter, move every appliance off the counter into the pantry or a cupboard. This is a little less convenient but the clean uncluttered feeling will more than make up for the little extra effort.

Step 4

Clothes clutter

Clothes can really clutter up the laundry room, the closets and the bedroom. Make it a habit not to allow clothes to stay in laundry baskets. Take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them and put them away. You need to organize your dresser to hold your clothes and your closet as well. There are lots of organizers that you can add to your closet to reduce the clutter. If you have shoe racks it gets the shoe clutter off the floor or out of your bedroom.

Add a hamper to your bedroom so that clothes that need to go to the laundry are not cluttering up your bedroom floor, chairs and even your tread mill.

Step 5


Use a file cabinet to store important papers, craft patterns, children’s school and medical records. Treat your home like an office. File things so that you can find them easily whenever you want them instead of allowing the papers to just sit in a drawer here or there. The same goes for recipes and craft patterns that you might like to collect.

Step 6


Bookcases are an important part of avoiding clutter in your house. If you love books, you know how easy it is to have them take over your home. Organize your books in your bookcase by categories. In order to avoid clutter, you may have to decide to limit the number of books that you can own at any one time. Trying telling yourself that one in and one out is the way you have to do it. This way you can control the number of books you own and can store without clutter.

If you don’t have room for bookcases then the best way to avoid clutter is to borrow books from the library and not own them.

Step 7

Take it out, put it back

Start a home policy, take it out put it back. If you use something put it back immediately as soon as it is no longer in use. This goes for food for cooking, cleaning items, toys, tools and just about anything that you use.

Things Needed
• Storage boxes
• Hamper
• Organizer
• File cabinet
• Bookcases
• Magazine rack

Tips & Warnings
• Tackle one room at a time and don’t get discouraged.
• It took a while to get cluttered, it will take a while to clean up.


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