How to clean a messy house

Cleaning the mess 101

We have all seen it, the messy house. You may need to clean it because you are expecting company or you may have finally decided that you just can’t live with the mess. Either way, there are a few strategies that will help you not only to clean a messy house but to keep your house from getting messy again. Mess is often the result of a lack of organization. In order to get rid of the mess, the mess has to have a place where it belongs and can be placed. With a little thought and effort you can conquer even the messiest house.


Step 1

Come up with a plan

When you look at a messy house it can seem overwhelming and if you are overwhelmed you may give up. Break your messy house up into manageable blocks. You can do it by rooms or by area. If your counters are the issue, do those today. Tomorrow it might be a closet or the children’s toys. If you make the jobs smaller at the end, all the big jobs will be done.

Step 2


Organization is the best way to avoid messes and clutter. Everything needs to have a place in your home and when it is not in use it belongs in that place. Books go in the bookcase. the vacuum cleaner belongs in the closet, dirty clothes belong in a hamper and clean clothes go in their drawers.

Step 3

Avoid clutter

Don’t let things accumulate in piles on your counter, tables and floors. Deal with mail as soon as it comes into the house. Shred anything with personal information and throw out any junk mail. Have one place to put bills and important mail. You will be amazed at the difference this will make.

Step 4

Clean up immediately

In the kitchen, for health reasons alone everything needs to be neat and clean. When cooking, put items used away as soon as you are finished with them. Do the dishes and pots and pans as soon as you are done with the meal and put the dishes back into the cabinets. A quick wipe down of the stove, fridge, counters and floor and the kitchen is back to clean and neat.

Step 5

Get everyone involved

Get the cooperation of the whole family. Children need to put their toys away before they go to bed or when they are done playing with them. They should place their dirty clothes in a hamper or in the laundry. Get them involved in kitchen and family room clean ups. These are habits that will be useful for them throughout their lives.

Step 6

Change your thinking

In order to change your behavior you are going to have to re-learn behaviors. Being clean and neat can become a learned behavior. It is just as easy to be neat as it is to be messy. Start today and by the end of the week you will be amazed at how neat your messy house has become.

Things Needed
• A plan
• A vacuum
• Containers
• Duster
• Shredder
• Family cooperation

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t throw out any mail with personal information
• If you haven’t used it recently, get rid of it
• Avoid clutter
• Every item needs to have place where it belongs when not in use


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