How to clean granite worktops

How to clean granite worktops

Granite is a wonderful natural finish for the modern kitchen, coming in a range of colors to suit the style of the kitchen. Cleaning granite worktops is not as difficult as one may imagine. In fact, with ongoing care, the worktops can be kept looking like new. The best thing about these worktops is that they give a long life working surface, though do need to be protected from the effects of chopping, and it is advised to use chopping boards to avoid chipping of the surface. Another area of vulnerability is grease around the hob area of the kitchen worktop. If this area is cleaned on a regular basis, this stops discoloration from taking place, thus keeping the kitchen looking spotlessly clean.


Step 1

Clear the worktop.

To clean the worktop thoroughly, clear it from obstructions. The moment spent clearing off all that clutter is worth it and will help to protect the surface long term, giving a uniform cleanliness all over the top which shines and shows the care you have taken.

Step 2

Look for dirty areas.

The cooking area is particularly vulnerable to encrusted stains. Once this area is treated, it would be a good idea to note which areas are affected and to use a spoon holder in future so that these areas do not get subjected to this kind of treatment. These areas need treating before all others, so that an overall cleanse can be effective. Take a cloth with warm soapy water (using mild detergent), and soak these areas first. Leave them to soak until the encrusted areas are loose. Do not be tempted to scratch these areas. It is worthwhile leaving them to soak for a few minutes so that the surface of the worktop is not damaged. Once soaking has been effective and has made the encrustation soft, wipe away these areas with a warm sponge.

Step 3

Greasy areas.

Look around the cooking station or hob. Often these areas are subjected to grease splashes. Take a cloth and wipe these areas and if the grease does not move, wrap the flat edge, rather than the blade edge, of a knife in cloth, making sure that the metal never comes into contact with the granite. Rub this against the grease, and then take a warm cloth and wipe the area.

Step 4

Around taps and sinks.

This is another area which gets dirty. Wipe around the base of taps, and the edge of the sink. This usually takes a little patience, but several washes of this area should clean it. If the cloth alone will not move the dirt, add a little neat washing up liquid.

Step 5

Edges of the worktop and splashbacks.

These areas tend to get dirty while cooking. Wipe down the splashback area of the worktops, and be particularly careful to include the top of the granite. On the edges, a simple wipe with a cloth which is warm and has been soaked in diluted detergent should be sufficient.

Step 6

Over the whole worktop.

After all the stages above have been performed, the whole worktop can be cleaned and polished. Rinse out your cloth. This should be a soft cloth, or even a sponge, though avoid using any kind of abrasive on the granite. Using warm soapy water, wipe the whole area of the worktops to include all those areas mentioned above. Wipe in a circular motion, ensuring that all the area is covered.

Step 7

Polish the granite.

This is the best part of the process. Take a lint free tea towel and polish the surface of the granite. The results you get will depend upon how soon after the final wash you polish the surface. It is best to wash and polish along the granite worktop at the same time, so that the surface is still slightly damp. Use the tea towel in a circular motion, enjoying the shine being produced.

Step 8

Put your kitchen back in order.

Having cleaned all the granite, put your worktop accessories back into place. Remember to learn from seeing the vulnerable areas how to avoid these in the future. Use a spoon holder next to the hob. Use cutting boards to avoid damage, and a soap holder to avoid incrustation around the sink area of the granite. The care and thought you put into the use of granite worktops helps them to remain looking like new, and easier to clean the next time around.

You will Need
• Dish washing detergent.
• Soft cloth.
• Sponge.
• Lint free tea towel.
• Clear worktops.

Tips & Warnings
• Never scratch the surface of the granite.
• Avoid use of any abrasive products.


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