How to clean stains from coffee cups and plastic dishware

How to clean stains from coffee cups and plastic dishware

Remove stains in less than five minutes without scrubbing!

Removing stains from mugs and dishes brings new life to old ware and keeps you from replacing items that are free of cracks and other damage but simply look dirty all the time. The best part is that removing unsightly stains from coffee mugs and plastic ware is really quite easy. So easy, in fact, you can accomplish the task in less than five minutes without scrubbing! This procedure works for coffee stains, tea stains, blueberry stains, and just about any other stain detracting from the appearance of your ceramics and plastics.


Step 1

Use this step for destaining several mugs/dishes at one time

Set mugs or plastic dishes in the kitchen sink either lying down or standing up. Fill the sink with just enough water to cover the tallest item to be destained. Pour a quarter cup of bleach into the water and allow the cups and plastic dishes to remain immersed for about five minutes. Once the time expires, wash all cups and dishes as you normally would and then they will be ready for newer looking use.

Step 2

This option is best for destaining one mug or dish or just a few mugs or dishes at a time

Set mugs and plastic dishes upright in the sink. Fill mugs and bowls with water. Cover plates and saucers with water as well. Next, drop a teaspoon of bleach into each cup, bowl, or dish, and allow the solution to remain undisturbed for five minutes. Pour solution down the drain and wash all mugs and dishes as usual.

Step 3

This option cleans stains from mugs and plastic dishes the fastest

Set stained coffee mugs and plastic ware in the sink. Pour one tablespoon of bleach directly into each mug — no water — just bleach. Lift one mug by the handle and swirl the bleach around the mug inners by rotating the mug. Allow bleach to float over entire length and width of the mug. It should take only about one minute for all stains to disappear. Repeat the swirling process for each mug. Likewise, pour one tablespoon of bleach in the center of each plate. Swirl the bleach around each plate until all stains disappear. Repeat this process for bowls and saucers as well. Wash all mugs and dishes with soap and water as usual prior to use.

Things Needed
• Bottle of household bleach
• Empty kitchen sink
• Working water faucet
• Dish detergent
• Dishwashing gloves

Tips & Warnings
• When removing stains using options in step three, you can pour bleach from one mug to the next in order to stretch out bleach usage.
• Wear protective gloves in order to keep bleach off your hands.
• Follow safe handling instructions on your bleach container.
• Read the article, «How to get coffee stains from coffee mugs», located on the right, for more helpful suggestions.
• Remember to wash all mugs and dishes after bleaching.


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