How to clean your bedroom

From messy to clean

This guide helps the messiest people to the tidy people clean up their bedrooms. No matter what you do a bedroom magically seems to continually accumulate clutter from day to day and for some procrastinators, week to week. In the end you know you have to clean your bedroom. And that is why you are here. Don’t fear what lies under your bed. Advice is just a vacuum and a swiffer away.


Step 1

Put away large items first

It is really a simple and obvious tip. Picking up and placing away that massive card board box you are saving for storage, or that scrapbooking box you pulled from your attic can really change your perception of clutter in a room. If you have four or fiver large posters laying on the floor or that massive teddy bear you won at some fair some place hanging out in an irregular spot near your closet: put it away. You can nearly convince your freinds and family that you cleaned by picking up a few large items. And plus you don’t have to work around the large items when tidying up.

Step 2

Laundry to the laundry basket

You get home late every night exhausted from studying, working, or visiting a far away place. Whatever it is your doing sometimes you get to lazy to get your dirty socks and shirts to the laundry basket. They end up upon the floor and under the bed. Pick all your laundry up and get it to your laundry basket. This will be an easy step to reducing clutter. And this is also helps motivate you to continue cleaning as things are looking better already.

Step 3

Throw away that trash

Especially true for college students living in dorms or apartments; trash gets everywhere. Under the bed it morphs into a mold monster if left untampered with for a long time. But now that you are finally cleaning your bedroom be sure to pick up all the trash on the floor and get it into the garbage and out of the house.

Step 4

Organize the random

At this point you may notice there is still stuff on your floor and you may not know what to do with it. You have done all the easy stuff and now feel overwhelmed and tempted to call it good enough. But don’t stop yet. Grab some small bins or boxes and place all electronics in one box, all nickels dimes and pennies in a piggy bank, and put all your papers in another. If you have a lot of books and magazines and are not sure what you want to do with them yet put those in a box as well. Otherwise just place them on a book shelf or somewhere equally accesible. Find all the pencils and pens in your room on your desk and under the bed and put them in a cup or in your desk. Just somewhere that they will remain organized. Continue to organize all of your stuff until all the clutter is off from the floor and desk and dresser.

Step 5

Wipe and Vacuum

Now that everything is ready to be put back in place, you need to be sure that the area you plan on putting your belongings is clean. Wipe down your desk with a dry rag first to get all the large particles of plastic from candy bars and eraser shavings from studying so hard off your desk. Then dust off your desk. This same thing needs to be applied to the top of dressers and storage shelving as well.

The reason you want to wipe first is because sometimes small particles end up on your floor. That is why vacuming is so important. Remember to clear the floor of any destructive objects and be sure to get under furnishings like the futon dresser and bed. Vacuum thouroughly the full space of the floor.

Step 6

Put that away

Now that you have organized all of your stuff and cleaned off the locations where everything needs to go you need to put it all away. Perhaps organizing it in your closet on the shelves would work. If you don’t have a very large closet you can just place your belongings organized along the wall. Generally electronics go good on a computer desk now that many bedrooms have computers in them and rock collections go good a little of everywhere. Posters can be put on the wall and books and magazines ordered and put on a book shelf. Knick knacks go on shelving. Papers go in the paper file and so forth.

Step 7

Make the bed and fold the laundry

Everything should be ready for the final touches by this point. If you haven’t done so already get going on the laundry and when it comes off the line or out of the dryer fold it up neatly and tuck it away in it’s appropriate spot. Be sure to make up your bed and take a moment to relax in your clean bedroom.

Step 8

Freshen up.

Light a candle or two or some incense. Or simply spray some air freshner to give your room a crisp clean scent. Everything should be neat and tidy and you can begin to breath and relax in your bedroom again.

Things Needed
• Vacuum
• Duster
• Dusting spray
• Baskets
• Broom
• Fresh scent
• Dry cloth or rag

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t procrastinate
• Keep cleaning
• Avoid Facebook
• Don’t burn candles in dorms or apartments
• Keep your room clean
• If you don’t have carpet use a broom instead of vacuum


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