How to fold socks

Sock gremlins beware! The organization fairy has arrived.

For many people folding socks can be an overwhelming chore. Once you have overcome the hurdle of matching the socks, some people tend to fold socks incorrectly causing wear on the elastic. Even still there are those who don’t even bother folding them and simply throw the socks in a drawer.

Once you have the hang of it, folding socks properly doesn’t take much time at all. By properly folding socks you can then place them neatly in your sock drawer with ease. This in turn helps save time when you need a pair of socks. No more tosseling through the drawer finding a match as you need it.


Step 1

Wash socks

First, you must have a clean pair of socks. In order to do this, you can use a washing machine or hand washing according to the socks’ washing instructions. This is determined by the type of material your socks are made from. Most socks can be washed in warm or hot water. Wool socks do best in cold water. Also, don’t forget to separate white socks from dark colored socks.

Step 2

Dry Socks

Having a dry pair of socks is an essential step before thinking about folding them. Some people like drying them outside on a line during the warm months. Most socks are safe for the dryer, though. Be sure to dry between low and medium heat so you don’t shrink them.

Step 3

Match Socks

Before folding, you must match the socks. Place the socks on top of each other in an almost «L» shape with the heal facing you. Smooth away any creases or wrinkles.

Step 4


Fold the sock into thirds. Start at the toe and fold it toward the middle. Then fold the elastic side evenly over the rest of the sock. Now pull the top opening of one of the socks back over the entire sock. Press flat.

Step 5

Place in drawer

Now you can neatly place in your sock drawer. Some people choose to color coordinate and sort by type of sock. The choice is yours, but now you won’t have to worry about hunting for the right pair of socks the next time you get ready to go somewhere.

Things Needed
• Clean, matching socks
• Hands to fold the socks with
• Drawer to put the socks in

Tips & Warnings
• Wash socks separately.
• Washing white and dark socks together will ruin the color or brightness of your white socks.
• Wash according to washing labels
• Folding at a table makes it easier


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