How to get bubble gum out of clothing

Several methods to remove gum from fabric

As you are collecting the laundry from your child’s floor you notice a sticky substance on the front. Upon closer examination, you determine that the substance is the gum that your child was chewing earlier that evening.

There are several simple methods that you can use to remove the gum. Many of these methods do not require store bought products.


Step 1

Freeze the garment

This is a simple method to remove sticky gum from an article of clothing. First, make certain that the gum is facing outward.

Next, insert the article of clothing into a plastic freezer bag and seal the bag. Take the freezer bag and position the bag in a place that it will not be touching anything else.

Leave the garment in the freezer overnight. When you take the clothing out of the freezer, quickly use a very dull knife to remove the gum. It should peel quite easily from the fabric. Be careful while using the knife not to damage the clothing.

If there are only small particles of gum on the fabric you an easily use an ice cube to freeze the gum and peal it from the fabric. This works well to remove gum from furniture.

Step 2

Boil that gum out!

If you have access to boiling hot water, then quickly submerge the gum in the hot water.

Use an old toothbrush and scrub the area vigorously until all the gum is removed from the fabric. Lay the article of clothing to dry and repeat if necessary.

This procedure works best if the gum has not yet hardened on the fabric. It is important to dip only the gum into the water. This process should be avoided on fabrics that are dry clean only.

Step 3

Use an iron to remove the gum from the fabric

You will need to have access to an iron and a piece of firm cardboard to complete this procedure.

First, set the iron heat to medium.

Next, position the clothing with the sticky gum facing down onto the cardboard.

Finally, iron the garment until the gum is sticking to the cardboard rather than the clothing fabric.

Step 4

Hairspray can remove gum from fabric

Simply, spraying the affected area of clothing with hairspray will make the gum brittle and easy to scrape from the fabric.

Rubbing alcohol can be used instead of hairspray.

Keep in mind that the hairspray or rubbing alcohol could discolor the fabric. It is important to test the fabric for colorfastness when using any type of chemical to remove gum.

Things Needed
• Freezer or ice cube
• Plastic freezer bag
• Knife
• Iron
• Cardboard
• Boiling water
• Toothbrush
• Hairspray
• Rubbing alcohol

Tips & Warnings
• Be careful while using the knife so that you do not cut yourself or the fabric.
• Be aware that certain chemical are flammable.
• While using the iron try not to scorch the fabric.
• Some chemicals could change the coloring of certain fabrics.


    Hodkinson  07.03.2017 14:44

    Good article on getting gum out of clothes. I really hate it when gum gets stuck to things.

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