How to hang out wash

Tips for hanging out laundry on a washline
How to hang out wash

Lots of people agree that laundry, just off the wash line, smells great. That fresh, crisp smell goes a long way to making this chore worth the time it takes. But this chore also has other benefits.

Although it takes more time than stuffing it in the dryer, it should be looked upon as an experience worth having once in a while, if not always. You get to be outside in the sunshine and fresh air which right there is an excellent thing for health and well-being. Think of it as good exercise, a perfect time to give your mind a chance to think, and a way to get back to old fashioned values when we were not all in such a hurry. There are many ways to hang wash, but these are some of the most common tips.


Step 1

Use fabric softner

Wash clothes in washer and use a generous amount of liquid softener in the rinse water.

Step 2

Use wooden clothes pins

Make sure you have regular wooden clothes pins that are clean. Wash them ahead of time if they are not clean.

Step 3

Shake out each piece

• Before you hang each piece of laundry up on the washline, shake it out before pinning it up.
Step 4

Smoothing laundry

Hang it on the wash line and smooth it out each piece of laundry.

Step 5

Hanging shirts

For any top, shirt or blouse, hang by the bottom and use three clothes pins, one for the middle so it does not stretch out.

Step 6

Hanging pants

For pants, jeans or slack, you can hang by the waist using three clothes pins or you can hang by cuffs once they are put together so creases are correct.

Step 7

Hanging underwear

Underwear will be easy just hang ‘undies’ by waistband, bras by one end or across band and socks individually.

Step 8

Hanging linens

Towels and tea towels, washcloths and tablecloths are straight forward, just hang from their edges and do not forget to smooth everything as you go.

Step 9

Hanging sheets and blankets

Sheets should be hung out with a clothes pin every few inches on edges after folded over evenly one time. Fitted sheets- you should fold by matching pocket seams that fit over mattress and then hang by edges. Any oversized items like blankets should be folded in half like sheets. Always use plenty of clothes pins on those heavy and large items.

Step 10

Watch the weather

Only hang your clothing out when you can be reasonably sure of the weather. A rain, however short, could ruin wash and make it necessary to rewash. Violent rains or winds could tear clothes from the line and get it dirty.

Step 11

Should be few wrinkles

If you have smoothed correctly, when you take the wash down it should be almost wrinkle free and ready to put away.

Step 12

Breathe in the fragrance

Take a moment to enjoy the fragrance of freshly laundered, sun dried wash.

Things Needed
• Freshly laundered items
• Washbasket to carry clothing
• Washline-permanent or portable
• Clean wooden clothes pins

Tips & Warnings
• Wash clothes on days when the temperatures are really hot
• Wash clothes when no rain is expected
• Place clothesline close to your house


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