How to sort your laundry

Sorting your laundry

Having the whitest, brightest and cleanest laundry requires that laundry be sorted. They are several steps to the sorting process.

If you follow these steps you will help to make sure that your clothing and household laundry not only comes out clean and fresh but that your clothes last longer and look better.


Step 1

Read your care tags

Before you launder anything for the first time always read the care tag. The best way to guarantee that your clothing doesn’t shrink or fade is to use the correct temperature of water and set the washer to correct wash setting.

Step 2

Treat stains

Check individual pieces of clothing for stains. Different stains require a different treatment. You can apply the correct treatment directly on the stain and allow it to do it’s job. There are many products that you can buy over the counter to treat stains or you can use your laundry detergent to pre-treat.

Step 3

Place like colors together

Place all the dark pieces of laundry together, the whites and the brights. If any of your clothes are new they should be washed alone to guarantee that they will not run, especially if they are a natural fiber. Items that are delicate will be in a seperate load. You may want to use a mesh laundry bag for lingerie.

Step 4

Check each item

You are now almost ready to do your laundry. You do need to do a last check of each item in your sorted groups before they go into the washer. Check all pockets to be sure they are empty. Turn any items that might pill, inside out. Determine that all items in your load will require the same temperature. Make sure that your load is not so large that items won’t get enough agitation. You have now sorted your laundry and are ready to start washing.

Things Needed
✯ Dirty laundry
✯ Several laundry baskets or bags
✯ Stain pre-treater
✯ Mesh laundry bag
✯ Laundry detergent

Tips & Warnings
✯ Always read care tags
✯ Don’t place colors with whites
✯ Test items for colorfastness
✯ Use the correct water temperature
✯ Handle delicates delicately


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