How to wash mixed colors and avoid bleeding

How to wash mixed loads and avoid color transfer

Washing mixed loads can be made trouble-free by preventing color transfer in a few easy steps. There are some products on the market that will absorb excess dyes in the water and enable people to wash darks, whites and colors together. Bleach is the enemy of color clothes, even if used in small quantities, the colors will run and make new clothes look old and faded. Bleach that is color-safe should be used instead because it is designed to brighten, not fade, colored items and it claims to disinfect even in cold water. With a little preparation and a bit of know-how, every load can be a mixed load which will save time, water, and energy as well as the appliance. Following the easy steps below can make anyone a pro when it comes to doing the family laundry.


Step 1


Sort your mixed load and be weary of new jeans and red color items. If they have not been washed before, there are some things that will remove the excess dye before they can be allowed to be washed with the rest of the clothes:
*1. Wash separately in cold water a few times.
*2. Soak in cold water that has been infused with salt.
*3. Always use a sheet or two of Color Catcher in your mix loads.

Step 2

In the washer

Use a sheet or two of Color Catcher to absorb the dye and prevent it from being absorbed by light color items.
Wash clothes in cold water.
Use baking soda and Borax to boost detergent power and keep clothes bright and the water soft.

Step 3


To correct any transfer of color, re-wash tinted garments immediately in cold water using the above steps. Remove the offender and give it a time out in an overnight soak in cold water mixed with salt (table salt woks fine). DO NOT dry clothes that have been tinted, the heat of the dryer will «set» the color and make them dingy looking. If there is no time to re-soak or re-wash the items, it is preferable to let them air dry naturally and away from the sun. Re-wash at a later time to remove surface dyes..

Things Needed
• A box of Color Catcher
• Salt
• Baking Soda
• Borax

Tips & Warnings
• Pre-wash blue jeans and intense color clothes seperately to remove excess dye.
• Do not dry clothes that have been tinted, re-wash right away separately.
• Use Baking Soda and Borax in the wash.


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