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How to hang out wash

Tips for hanging out laundry on a washline Lots of people agree that laundry, just off the wash line, smells great. That fresh, crisp smell goes a long way to making this chore worth the time it takes. But this chore also has other benefits. Although it takes more time than stuffing it in the... More

How to clean oil based paint from paintbrushes

Getting the paint out When you are painting the exterior of your home, chances are you are going to be using an oil based paint. Oil based paints are a better choice when the item being painted will be exposed to the elements. The same things that make oil based paint a long lasting choice also... More

How to clean stains from coffee cups and plastic dishware

Remove stains in less than five minutes without scrubbing! Removing stains from mugs and dishes brings new life to old ware and keeps you from replacing items that are free of cracks and other damage but simply look dirty all the time. The best part is that removing unsightly stains from coffee... More

How to wash a wool sweater

How to wash a sweater to avoid shrinkage and pilling Most sweaters are made of a combination of fibers that help avoid pilling and shrinkage when washed in cold water. Some of these combinations allow for the sweater to be dried in an electric or gas drier on low setting without ruining the... More

How to organize a shared closet in the master bedroom

Tips for being able to locate clothing in a shared closet Organizing your bedroom closet will give you the peace of mind you need when you know where all your clothes are located. Especially, when you share a closet with your spouse; there needs to be a good system to keep it neat so you both can... More

How to remove mildew from clothing

Tips for removing mildew stains from your clothing Mildew is a form of mold that is quite commonly found on clothes that you haven't worn for a while. This occurs most often when you put clothes in drawers before you realize that it isn't completely dry. The dampness is a breeding ground for... More

How to clean a messy house

Cleaning the mess 101 We have all seen it, the messy house. You may need to clean it because you are expecting company or you may have finally decided that you just can't live with the mess. Either way, there are a few strategies that will help you not only to clean a messy house but to keep your... More

How to acid wash clothes

How to get the acid washed look for your old jeans Acid washed jeans are a very trendy style of clothing for all ages. They are quite expensive to buy, but you can achieve this look with your old jeans by acid washing them yourself. You don't wash the jeans in acid, as the style suggests, because... More

How to wash mixed colors and avoid bleeding

How to wash mixed loads and avoid color transfer Washing mixed loads can be made trouble-free by preventing color transfer in a few easy steps. There are some products on the market that will absorb excess dyes in the water and enable people to wash darks, whites and colors together. Bleach is... More

How to write a grocery list

Writing a grocery shopping list is easy, isn't it? To the inexperienced or ineffective shopper writing a grocery list, may seen simple. Just jot down what you need to buy and off you go. Actually though, in order for your grocery list to enable you to minimise your shopping time, achieve the... More