How to easily fertilize your potted orchids

How to easily fertilize your potted orchids

Any orchid at flowering time, will exhibit a bounty of inherent beauty. It is this splendid moment that the orchid grower looks forward to each year. As displays are shown annually by the enthusiasts, orchid lovers are further inspired, and collections continue to grow. A new variety, a new color, to nurture.

Little wonder that many of us may be won over, and bring home our first «orchid or two». Good news is: they’re not at all complicated to maintain, so let’s see just how easy it can be to keep potted orchids at their best.


Step 1

Make it easy; make it soluble!

One very straightforward fertilizing program for orchids, is with the use of any commercially available, soluble type ‘orchid food’.

This single product, in a granular form, and suitable for all orchid types, will made up with these major trace elements: Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus.

Other valuable nutrients are also included in this fertilizer.

Step 2

When to fertilize?

The «growing season» is always the peak time to fertilize any orchid.

Generally that is timely from late Winter, throughout Spring, and perhaps part of the early Summer, if they’re still flowering.

Growers of orchids in all year round, warm climates will often adapt a continuity throughout the year in their fertilizer program, with applications of a more diluted fertilizer also, throughout the «winter» months.

Step 3

Why fertilize?

Since potted orchids can’t avail themselves to nature’s bounty of fallen leaves and similar from their original habitat, to work with a fertilizer program will offer the same benefits.

Fertilizing orchids will not only ensure a continuing healthy growth pattern, but also help to promote flowering. That’s what we’re looking forward to!

Step 4

Using soluble fertilizer for orchids

Follow the instructions; it’s all so simple.

Generally, it’s a matter of dissolving a spoonful in water. The measuring spoon will be enclosed inside the packet.

Each orchid will need an application of approximately 16 oz. (1/2 liter), of this fertilizer, fortnightly. Keep your orchids growing happily; mark these dates on your calendar!

Note: If the orchid mix is dry, be sure to water well ahead of this fertilizer application.

Things Needed
• Soluble orchid food/fertilizer
• Measure jug, or watering can


• Pre-water any potted orchid if dry, prior to adding fertilizer.


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