How to grow Mexican sage

How to grow Mexican sage

If you’re wanting a riot of purple in your garden, be sure to include the Mexican sage. You will be rewarded with months of long arching stems, loaded with masses of beautiful flowers. Humming-birds in your area? They too, will be especially attracted to this plant.

Not only so eye-catching in your garden throughout the warmest months, but Mexican sage is also perfect for indoors. Cut stems in the cool of the morning, stripping away lower leaves that could be submerged in water, and fill large vases or other containers to decorate your home with rich violet colored, velveteen flowers.


Step 1


Mexican sage grows best in an open and sunny position.

Plant into a well-drained, and composted soil.

Once established, this plant is considerably drought-tolerant, and therefore, over-watering should be avoided.

Step 2


Removing spent flowers regularly will not only maintain a nice form to the bush but also, promote further flowering.

Simply trim back with clean secateurs, behind the previous flowerhead.

Step 3

When to prune:

Climate will determine when flowering eases back and when pruning should begin. In a climate with harsh winters, it’s considered best to leave pruning until any likelihood of another frost has passed. This will help preserve the new green stems that will be hidden deep below the top growth.

In more moderate climates, Mexican sages can be pruned early Spring. The flowers will be straggly, and generally unattractive.

Prune to about 8 inches (20 cm), above the ground, and as the warmer weather emerges, so too will the lush new growth.

Things Needed
• Healthy Mexican sage plant from garden center or nursery
• Sunny garden space approx 4 ft. (1.2m)
• Compost

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t prune back hard until any danger of frosts has passed.
• Dead-head spent flowers regularly.
• Don’t over-water once established.


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