How to grow Pelargonium peltatum, the «ivy geranium»

How to grow Pelargonium peltatum, the

One of the most popular of the Pelargonium family would have to be the more commonly known, Ivy Geranium. This specie offers a long lasting, colorful floral display for just a modicum of effort. Keen gardeners love this attribute!

With light green succulent type leaves, Ivy Geraniums are especially favored for an abundant flowering habit throughout the warmest months of the year.


Step 1

Where to plant?

Ivy Geraniums thrive best in a mostly sunny position, with a well-drained soil. Light or dappled shade, during the hottest part of the day will help to maintain color intensity.

Step 2

How to use Ivy Geraniums in my garden?

  • Against a screen or trellis:

Just perfect for Ivy Geraniums! Some varieties will grow, potentially to approx 5 ft high (1.5 meters). Tie to trellis or lattice backdrop with lengths of twine or plastic ties, where needed. In windy zones this will save new growth from becoming dislodged.

  • Try hanging baskets and containers:

With a quality potting mix , Ivy Geranium will make for a very attractive hanging basket or container plant . Water as needed, and keep dead-heading spent flowers to promote further flowering.

Planting two or three different colored, compact growing varieties, to each basket or container will make for a fabulous floral display.

  • As a ground-cover:

Ivy Geraniums look just as wonderful romping over level ground, or trailing down over sloping land. Again, go for a few different colors and wait for a magic landscape.

While these plants are considered «self-cleaning» i.e the flowering stem will over time, deplete itself and eventually drop off, saving the need to dead-head. In large scale areas that may also be inaccessible, this is a definite plus.

Step 3


These plants will respond well to a light foliar feed every few weeks, noting that over-feeding will only promote more foliage, rather than flowers.

Step 4

Do I need to prune?

Cut back only where needed to define shape, or confine to a limited space.

Step 5

Propagating new Ivy Geranium plants:

Cuttings can be potted up and used to propagate new plants easily.

With a cutting taken just below a leaf node, approximately 6 inches (15 cm), remove all but a few of the top leaves and dip the base of the stem into some rooting-hormone powder or gel medium.

Plant cuttings into an open potting medium, and keep «just moist» to establish.

Things Needed
• A mostly sunny spot in your garden
• Ivy geranium plants, or cuttings
• Foliar Fertilizer


• Propagate easily with cuttings!
• Try honey as a rooting hormone alternative.
• Make potted gifts for friends, or fundraising projects.


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