How to grow Spanish moss

How to grow Spanish moss

Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides), is an easy to grow epiphyte belonging to the bromeliaca family. It typically will grow upon another living plant, such as a tree branch, but doesn’t take nutrition from this support. With lengthy strands of silver-grey leafy stems, Spanish Moss makes for an intriguing and long-lasting trailing plant in most frost-free temperate climates.

Tiny pale green flowers appear during the summer months, and can exude a light fragrance during the night hours.


Step 1

Where to grow Spanish Moss:

Spanish Moss grows and looks its best in «dappled» sunshine throughout the day, perhaps under the canopy of trees.

You can try other places though; generally Spanish Moss is very adaptable.

Avoid placing where it will get the extreme summer sun.

Step 2


Possessing «scales» that have the capacity to absorb moisture from the air, Spanish Moss mostly requires zero maintenance. During hot weather however, it will benefit from a weak solution of a seaweed or foliar fertilizer, misted on with an atomizer, at fortnightly intervals. Do this when there is no sun.

Step 3

Ways to use Spanish Moss:

  • Hang Spanish Moss from shrub or tree-branches.

With a little focused lighting directed into the tree at night, a magical and somewhat mystical, effect is created.

  • Contrary to some reports that Spanish Moss will only grow on something «living», see how this Spanish Moss is thriving on a «non-living» object.

Draped over long horizontal tubes of plastic- grid-mesh, and supported by short chains at intermittent sections, a swing-like effect will happen during prevailing winds. This helps prevent any displacement of the moss, which continues to offer an attractive curtain-like effect, to this outdoors garden-room.

Things Needed
• Spanish Moss
• Seaweed or Foliar Fertilizer


• Avoid growing in the extreme summer sun.
• As the front side of the clump grows and continues to multiply, gather strands, to create new hanging plants.


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