How to grow succulents in the garden, or containers.

How to grow succulents in the garden, or containers.

Succulents can make a mighty impressive statement in your garden. Imagine a border or mass planting of these flowering Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Not only hardy, but super easy to grow, and especially eye-catching!

Succulent plants grow well also as container plants, making a striking addition to a sunny patio or balcony; all with minimal care.


Step 1

Where to plant?

Succulents like a mostly sunny position.

Step 2

What type of growing medium?

Successful succulents grow at their best in an open growing medium.

Buy a commercially packaged medium suited especially for cacti/succulents or, a home-made blend will work just as well using equal quantities of both coarse sand and potting mix. Adequate drainage is then guaranteed; an essential for keeping healthy succulents. Healthy succulents are attractive succulents!

Step 3

Propagating Succulents

With just a leaf, or a small piece of succulent:

This can be a reliable way of adding to your collection of succulents without incurring any expense. These will grow into a parent plant one day too.

Let dry out over several days to one week before planting, and these mini-succulents will ultimately get a foothold and prosper.

Step 4

When to water succulents:

Succulents will still grow healthily, with a somewhat minamalistic approach to watering.

In hot weather and exposed garden positions: Succulents grown in these areas may need watering, just once in a fortnight.

Container plants have the potential to dry out more readily than those in the open ground. Press your finger into the growing medium around a potted succulent to feel just how dry it is, and determine whether it needs watering. If it’s not dry to touch, don’t water.

During the colder months: Now there’s little need to water succulents; their inbuilt storage capacity will hold succulent plants in good stead throughout the winter.

Step 5

Fertilizer for succulents?

Succulents will appreciate a weak solution of a seaweed based tonic during the Spring and Summer months.

  • Pre-water succulents before adding tonic
  • Use at half strength, each two to four weeks

Things Needed
• Cacti/succulent medium or …
• Coarse sand and potting mix


• Over-watering can be detrimental to healthy succulents!
• Pre-water succulents before adding fertilizer.


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