How to make an Easter «He Is Risen» yard cross

Easter is a Christian’s special time.

Easter is a Christians time to remember He Is Risen. Christians everywhere are joyful to tell all about their faith. Share your faith by displaying a white yard cross in His honor. Learn the easy steps and share them with your family, friends and neighbors.


Step 1

Sketch a «He Is Risen» cross or find a picture

Find a picture of a white He Is Risen cross or sketch one yourself. A good source is that has free pictures available for printing. Sketch or copy the picture using graph paper so you can determine size of your yard cross. If you plan to use plywood, enlarge your picture or sketch at a copy store to get it to the right size for your display. by using black and white copy machine and enlargement feature to save money. Tape sections of enlarged cross picture together until you have your desired size to use as cut out template. Option: Sketch Easter cross picture directly onto scrap plywood.

Step 2

Scrounge for plywood for cross

Look for scrap plywood to use for your Easter cross display. Use either the drawing you make directly on the plywood or trace your enlarged ross copy onto the plywood. Use a soft pencil to mark outline of cross on the back of paper template. Turn paper over, press firmly with pencil and trace the image outline to the plywood or draw by hand on the plywood as mentioned as an option in Step One. Clean plywood before attempting to transfer image.

Step 3

Cut plyood to make cross

Cut Easter cross display image out of plywood. Use jigsaw to cut drawing outline, don’t rub off pencil lines of cross outline. Sand edges of plywood cross cut out, fill with wood filler any edge openings between the plywood layers. Let filler dry. Do final sanding to smooth edge. Be sure and put pointed end on cross to push in ground when completed. Make cross reinforcement piece at same time to sturdy plywood and eliminate warping. Screw or nail reinforcement piece onto cross.

How to make an Easter
Step 4

Make large cross from 2x8s or larger and notch

For 2x8s or large Easter cross, cut to proper lengths and notch each piece so cross members fit flush. Cut from scrap wood. Use 2×8 wood (or larger) as desired and according to your sketch. Make a pointed cut at one end of cross where it is to meet ground.. That end will be driven or pushed into lawn.

Step 5

Secure all fasteners from front side

Nail or screw 2x wood cross from front side with galvanized fasteners. Fasteners should not penetrate wood at back of cross. Make sure nails or screws are flush with wood surface on front and back. Hammer nails over on back of cross if they are longer than thickness of notched pieces. Option: If fasteners stick up, clip off with wire cutters or use smaller nails or screws.

Step 6

Paint «He Is Risen» cross white, add Easter Lillys

Paint Easter He Is Risen yard cross white both sides. Use exterior brushes and paints to apply two or three coats of white paint. Let dry between coats. Cover fasteners in back so they do not show. Let final coat dry overnight, then paint on letters in black, «He Is Risen» on cross member of white cross. Let dry well then push or drive cross into lawn at a slight angle. Add some beautiful Easter Lilly plants and thank the Lord for all the blessings He has given.

Things Needed
• 2x8s or plywood
• Sketch graph paper and pencil
• Measuring tape
• Saw, sandpaper, wood filler for edges of plywood
• Glue and galvanized nails or screws
• Hammer and power screwdriver
• Exterior paints and brushes

Tips & Warnings
• Choose a size for your Easter cross that fits on your lawn. Without being too large.
• Make letters easy to see from distance, don’t paint them too small.
• Remove dirt and debris off of plywood or paint may not stick.
• Use jigsaw and power screwdriver operation with care.


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