How to make newspaper seeding pots

How to make newspaper seeding pots

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and an organic gardener, you might be interested in creating your own seeding pots using something as common as newspaper. Instead of shelling out bucks for planting trays, either plastic or Styrofoam, you can spend a pleasant time, even with your kids, preparing your homemade seeding pots even a few weeks before actual garden time begins.

By making your own seeding pots from newspaper you are reusing the newspaper that otherwise might end up in the trash. You can also involve your kids in the handiwork of gardening, hopefully instilling the love of getting dirt under their fingernails, something that they can carry with themselves for a lifetime.


Step 1

Prepare the glue

Put a glob of glue in the mixing dish and add a little water. Mix with the paintbrush. You’ll want a milky consistency: if it’s too thick just add a little more water. Be careful not to make it too watery!

Step 2

Fold to mark

Fold the sheets of newspaper in half from top to bottom. Fold them again in the same direction.

Step 3

Refold into a tube

Unfold the sheet of newspaper and cut it in half, lengthwise along the fold line. Then refold the half into a tube, lining the edges up with the fold marks from the previous folding.

Step 4

Spread the glue

Before making the last fold, spread the glue mixture along the final edge. It doesn’t take a lot but make sure you apply glue to the entire length. Now make the last fold and press firmly. Set the tube aside to dry.

Step 5

Fold to mark for cutting

Once you’ve made several tubes and they are dry you can stack many together. Fold them in half, then in half again.

Step 6


With scissors (or a box cutter on a cutting board) cut the long tube into four pieces on the fold lines.

Step 7

Close the bottom

To close off the bottom either make several little folds or twist the bottom. To twist the bottom, open the tube, stick your fingers into the tube and simply twist the bottom to close.

Step 8

Fill the pots

Fill each of the pots with your favorite potting mixture. Halfway is enough for larger seeds like corn or beans; in the case of smaller seeds like tomatoes or peppers, the pots can be filled almost to the top.

Step 9

Set pots for sowing

Set the pots into a plastic container, like an ice-cream box or an old Tupperware and they are ready for sowing.

Things Needed
• Several sheets of newspaper
• White glue
• A little water
• A paintbrush
• Scissors or a box cutter and cutting board
• A small mixing dish
• A plastic container

Tips & Warnings
• Black and white newspaper is better than that which has color photographs or is tinted.
• Don’t mix too much glue, it’s easy to mix a little more and you won’t throw any out.
• Clean your paintbrush once you’re finished so you can use it again.
• Naturally, be careful with scissors; if your kids help, make sure they handle scissors well.


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