How to pick and press bluebonnet wildflowers

Have you been told it’s illegal to pick Bluebonnets in Texas?

Many flower lovers and gardeners who visit in Texas think it is illegal to pick those beautiful Bluebonnets along Texas highways. Gardeners who live in Texas, however, know it is perfectly legal to pick Bluebonnets, the state flower of Texas.

According to Texas Twisted and The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will give you the same answer. Bill Powell with the Public Information Office told Texas Twisted, «There is no legislation against picking wildflowers. It is, in fact, not illegal to pick wildflowers.» And that includes Bluebonnets. «It’s an urban legend,» he said.

So plan that Bluebonnet and wildflower viewing trip in Springtime and press a few for a lasting memory along with your pictures of kids in the fields of Bluebonnets.


Step 1

Get maps and information together

Assemble your garden journal, flower information maps, notes, camera and sketch book and take your Bluebonnet and wildflower viewing trip. Spend some time on the internet researching articles on the best spots to go. Give yourself enough time, perhaps and overnight drive to the hill country of Texas.

Step 2

Locate a good spot with Bluebonnets

Find a good location for Bluebonnets to pick. Seek out a spot you can spend some time sketching and taking memorable pictures. Get the whole family involved. Pick several to choose from but don’t get greedy- others want to see them too and will want to pick some. Hopefully your trip will be mid-April or early May before it gets too warm.

Step 4

Choose a special bluebonnet to press

Press your Bluebonnets by carefully and gently spreading them so they have an aesthetically nice appearance. Then place them about a quarter-inch away from the fold of the book, hold them while you carefully close book. Use heavy rubber band to hold book tightly closed.

Bluebonnets to choose from
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Things Needed
• Bluebonnet viewing trip
• Digital camera and pencil for sketching (optional- watercolors or colored pencils)
• Hard bound unlined journal book of quality sketch paper for flower press-book
• Heavy-duty wide rubber band for holding journal closed after pressing Bluebonnets or wildflowers
• Hand cleaner for use after picking flowers
• Some beautiful Bluebonnets and other wildflowers

Tips & Warnings
• Pick your Bluebonnets carefully, get a full blooming one or two.
• Take good pictures so you can finish sketches later if needed.
• Choose a high quality journal for pressing or make your own.
• Pull up Bluebonnet at root carefully then clip just above root structure.
• Don’t open book after pressing Bluebonnet or wildflower for several hours.
• Wash hands thoroughly after picking Bluebonnets as pets may be affected by residual plant matter when you handle them. Take a hand cleaner along on trip.


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