How to plant grapes

Planting nursery raised stock in a big hole where the vines will face the south in a well drained soil will give you a good start towards a healthy vineyard. Lots of sunshine and proper pruning, ferlitilizing, mulching and some time is all that remains to be done.


Step 1

Choose your location carefully. Look for a south facing slope. Do not use a north facing slope. This is to place the grapevine where full sunlight and the highest temperatures will help the grapes develop and ripen.

Step 2

Consider the soil in your location. Grapevines need deep soil with good drainage.The vines do not like to grow in clay soil which will hold too much water around their roots.

Step 3

The hole you dig for the vine should be big enough so the roots can be spread out. The hole should be deep enough so that the vine will be at the same level as it was in the nursery. After you place the vine in the hole cover the plant’s roots completely with good soil.

This can be done in the spring when the ground is cleared and thawed enough that it can be dug up easily. Place your vines approximately seven feet apart.

Step 4

Cut and trim the vine until there is only one strong cane. Also check the roots and trim away any that are longer than the bulk of the root ball.

Step 5

Place five inches of mulch material around your vines. This can be bark chips or any other level-1 mulch material. The mulch will keep weeds from springing up to compete with your vine for the nutrition in that spot and will hold moisture so you will not need to water the vines under ordinary conditions.

Things Needed
• A nursery grown grapevine
• A shovel
• Pruners
• A south facing location
• Spring
• Good drainage

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t plant before the soil warms up enough to dig a hole.
• Don’t place on a northern slope.
• Do place on a south facing location.
• Good drainage is vital!
• Be careful not to plant deeper than the nursery did.


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