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How to pick and press bluebonnet wildflowers

Have you been told it's illegal to pick Bluebonnets in Texas? Many flower lovers and gardeners who visit in Texas think it is illegal to pick those beautiful Bluebonnets along Texas highways. Gardeners who live in Texas, however, know it is perfectly legal to pick Bluebonnets, the state flower of... More

How to propagate fuschia plants with cuttings

Such an exciting prospect that we're able to make new plants from old. It's why any gardener delights in a gift of cuttings. Fuschias offer lots of color to an ideally partially-shaded position, in frost-free zones. Fuschias have charm, with their long pendulous stems with flowers sometimes in... More

How to grow beans

Beans are easy to grow. They pop out of the ground fairly quickly and look quite impressive right away, unlike some plants, for example carrots, which produce such tiny seedlings and are slow to geminate. They also have the advantage of being a plant which takes less out of the soil than the... More

How to grow a peach tree

Planting and aftercare of peach trees Apart from producing an abundance of sweet, golden, juicy fruit the peach tree offers a stunning display of spring blossoms. There are two basic types of peach trees to choose from: the level-1 which grows about 5 to 6 meters tall spreading to 5 meters wide... More

How to grow carrots

Growing carrots You can be harvesting, sweet, crisp, vitamin-rich carrots for most of the year round with a mixture of different types of seed. The two main groups that carrot varieties belong to are long-rooted and short-rooted. Long-rooted carrots are the typical looking carrot with a long,... More

How to grow petunias from seedlings

Petunias: top of the list, most outstanding annuals. With the advent of spring, every keen gardener starts thinking seriously again about planting out bright and colorful annuals. An old favorite, the trumpet-shaped, beautiful and bountiful petunia, is always an eye-catcher in any spring and... More

How to plant a container cacti garden

Growing cacti in containers Growing minature cacti in containers, makes for an interesting 'look but don't touch' garden. Enjoy the fascinating and varied growth forms of minature cacti and be amazed by their unusual and vibrant colored flowers. This shallow planting box includes a combination... More

How to care for a Devil’s Ivy house plant

How to care for a Pothos house plant The Devil's Ivy or Pothos and its many variations (Marbled Queen or Golden Pothos) are very simple to grow, easily propagated, and can survive without much attention; these traits make the Epipremnum aureum or Pothos a wildly popular foliage house plant. Known... More

How to make a seed bomb

Seed bombs are the basic weapon of choice for guerrilla gardeners who want to transform a disused, neglected area of land into a colourful oasis. Guerrilla gardeners will usually work a piece of land with the tools of the average gardener if access to the land is easy, but there are occassions... More

How to grow an aloe vera

Keep cooling, soothing aloe vera on hand Aloe vera is a favorite herb for household remedies. This perennial native of the tropics also grows wild in parts of Mexico and Texas. In Zones 9 and 10, it can be found growing in many gardens, and is a favorite houseplant in cooler climates. Similar in... More