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How to grow a vegetable garden

Veggie Gardening 101 Have you ever wondered how to grow that ripe, juicy tomato? Or have you ever been in need of vegetable gardening tips? Well, there are some pretty basic principles to growing a vegetable garden. Allow me to offer these three letters of wisdom before you venture off into your... More

How to grow spinach

Growing spinach Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is a leafy green plant that is popular in gardens, as it's fairly easy to grow. Not only can it be grown in an outdoor garden, but it will also thrive in a pot inside or on a porch, making it convenient for those living in apartments or otherwise... More

How to make money from your vegetable garden

Your own vegetable market Growing a vegetable garden can turn a passion for gardening into a thriving business. All that a gardener requires is time to spare, a small patch of land, knack at gardening and a fair sense of business. Of course, a fair sense of business will not prove difficult... More

How to create a miniature watergarden

Growing aquatic plants in containers You can easily creative your own miniature water-garden by planting floating dwarf waterlilies and other beautiful aquatic plants for a pretty and colorful summer display . This example will show you how to plant up your water garden combining upright and... More

How to Grow Strawberries

Strawberry beds were meant to last for ever A properly tended strawberry bed will give you bumper crops of luscious strawberries for years to come, with surprisingly less effort than you would expect. There is nothing quite like picking delicious juicy strawberries right out of your own garden... More

How to care for gardenia bushes

A popular shrub with everything going for it The gardenia, with its origins in China and Japan, is a most popular evergreen landscaping shrub the world round. Growing generally in a compact shape with glossy dark-green leaves, gardenias are favored for their beautiful wax-like, creamy white... More

How to use rocks and stones in landscaping the garden

Using your imagination in the garden The use of nature to create a landscape is a pretty natural progression, and little by little people are learning that sometimes the elements that nature offers can enhance the look of their garden to such an extent as to make the difference between a... More

How to grow corn

How to grow corn: from seed to cob, from sowing to steaming Hot, steamed, corn-on-the-cob. What a delicious summer treat, a gift your vegetable garden offers as the perfect side-dish for barbeques, Sunday dinners or even a quick backyard lunch. Growing sweet corn is not difficult at all, though... More

How to propagate roses from cuttings

Striking rose cuttings Propagating roses for your own use or to give to friends and family as gifts is easy. It is so simple, even the beginner gardener can master it. This simple method of striking roses is by taking cuttings. It is quick, easy and the bushes produced from the cuttings will be... More

How to prevent drooping tulips

Help those beautiul tulips last Don't wait too late to add a penny to the water! Save those tulips! [donate2] Things Needed • fresh tulips from garden or florist • scissors • clear glass vase • clean tap water • all copper penny Tips &... More