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How to control diseases in a vegetable garden

Garden diseases... There are many parasitic and non-parasitic agents that cause diseases in plants. Parasitic agents generally are viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and higher plants and animals. Non parasitic agents are external physical attributes like sunlight, low light intensity, lack of... More

How to care for a jade plant

How to properly care for your jade plant and keep it healthy. The jade plant (Crassula argentea or Crassula ovata) is a perfect plant to be grown in the home, as it takes very little care and grows easily when properly tended. Jade plants belong to the succulent family, which also includes... More

How to care for a grapevine

Taking care of a grapevine is a fairly easy job. Once the vine is planted in a sunny location with it's roots spread out in deep well drained soil on a south facing spot the shaping, feeding and harvesting is all that is needed. [donate]Instructions Step 1 As soon as the soil can be dug,... More

How to grow potatoes

Its easy when you know how Growing your own vegetables has become more popular again, lately. With most people feeling the economic pinch many are looking at ways to save some money. Growing your own potatoes will give you a tastier potato than the shop bought variety, save you some money and... More

How to easily fertilize your potted orchids

Any orchid at flowering time, will exhibit a bounty of inherent beauty. It is this splendid moment that the orchid grower looks forward to each year. As displays are shown annually by the enthusiasts, orchid lovers are further inspired, and collections continue to grow. A new variety, a new... More

How to care for a crepe myrtle tree

Anyone who has driven down a street lined with crepe-myrtles in flower will want one for their garden. Whilst some of the older established varieties had the potential to grow as high as 25 feet (8m), now there is a much wider range of crepe myrtles to select from. Many of these being... More

How to get your African violets to bloom

One of the world's most popular house-plants has to be the African violet, with flowers nowadays, in almost every color hue. While some will flower as sweet singles, there are also doubles, ruffles, minis and trailing varieties; and others too, with variegated leaves. Whatever the variety, each... More

How to grow a plum tree

Juicy treasures from compact trees   Plum trees thrive when planted in full sun and well-drained, fertile soil and will reward you with a magical show of deep pink to white blossoms in spring as well as sweet-tasting, juicy fruit in summer or autumn. European plum... More

How to make persimmon pudding

Where to find persimmon pudding recipes Persimmon recipes are easily found online. One web site in particular devotes their effort to persimmons. They collect infomation. From this site an impressive number of persimmon recipes can be found.... More

How to care for a croton

A touch of brilliant color for any yard The croton or codiaeum variegatum, is a most interesting shrub. There are multiple varieties of crotons. Some have long straight leaves of many colors. There are those with curly narrow leaves. While red, yellow and some green may exist in the same bush,... More