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How to make persimmon pudding

Where to find persimmon pudding recipes Persimmon recipes are easily found online. One web site in particular devotes their effort to persimmons. They collect infomation. From this site an impressive number of persimmon recipes can be found.... More

How to care for a croton

A touch of brilliant color for any yard The croton or codiaeum variegatum, is a most interesting shrub. There are multiple varieties of crotons. Some have long straight leaves of many colors. There are those with curly narrow leaves. While red, yellow and some green may exist in the same bush,... More

How to grow wheat grass for juicing

From seed to juice. You do not have to be an avid gardner or have a green thumb to grow wheat grass for juicing. Instructions, a juicer (hand operated or electric) and a few simple items found in most homes is all you need. Juicing wheat grass will provide increased energy, build up your immune... More

How to grow grapes

How to get started growing grapes Grape growing is as simple as planting one grape vine cutting and successfully growing it, and then another, another and another. Or it is can be more than that. It can be an adventure in itself. You have already constructed a trellis, and now want... More

How to grow lemongrass

Enjoy this herb any time of the year Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a popular ingredient in Asian cooking, as well as in sachets and potpourri. Its razor-sharp leaves can be cut up and dried or frozen for culinary or household use. Native to India and Sri Lanka, this... More

How to care for an asparagus fern house plant

This photo shows a mature Asparagus Fern and a few of the corms or bulbs showing. These corms can be used to make new plants. [donate2] Things Needed • A rich, general purpose potting soil • Water soluable fertilizer • Bright, indirect, filtered sunlight • ... More

How to plant an Easter Lily in a pot

Plant an Easter Lily for a friend Gardeners almost everywhere delight in planting Easter Lily bulbs in pots so they can bloom in the spring just in time for the Easter celebration (with a lot of luck since they mostly bloom in June and July!). Easter Lilies, (Lilium longiflorum), a traditional... More

How to dig, divide and replant iris rhizomes in the fall

An old favorite among flowering perennial plants, iris, will reward your efforts in the fall by providing you with many beautiful orchid-like blossoms next summer. It will continue to bloom happily in the same sunny spot year after year as long as you continue to divide and replant every three to... More

How to grow marigolds

Planting and growing this garden staple The common marigold is a hardy annual flower that is easy to grow in containers or gardens. Marigolds are typically yellow or orange in color with a strong pungent odor. When planted from seed, they flower in about 45 days. Originally from Central America,... More

How to grow broccoli

Growing broccoli Broccoli is not only easy to grow but is also a highly nutritious vegetable which thrives in the colder months. Broccoli grows close-formed florets on crisp, tender stems. It is usually grown as an autumn or winter crop as it has a tendency to run to seed if planted in spring.... More