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How to locate wall studs

How to find studs in your walls Anchoring pictures and heavy objects to the studs in your walls is the safest practice. Locating the studs is not that difficult and there are a few ways that you can do this. [donate]Instructions Step 1 The most reliable method for locating studs is by... More

How to build a workbench

How to build an 8 foot work bench The steps below will enable you to build a free standing 8 foot workbench which can also be attached to an interior garage wall. Most home improvement stores will cut the wood to your specifications for a very small fee (around .50 cents a cut after the first 2... More

How to attach wall framing to a cement floor

Attaching a wall to concrete Preparing a wall for placement on concrete is fairly simple to do. Measurement is the key to being successful at attaching a wood wall to a concrete floor. Once you have located your measurements on your concrete floor, the wall should install quickly. It will take at... More

How to build a bay window seat

How to build seating for a bay window The main reason most people install bay windows is to let light into a room. The other reason is to receive the beautiful scenery outside. A place where one can get lost in their thoughts as the peer out the bay window. A beautiful way to spend a day curled... More

How to unclog a kitchen sink

Not all sinks have a shiny plug hole like this one. The amount of bits and pieces which are allowed into the drains in a kitchen situation can mean that blockages are a common thing which householders have to address. Never fear, even someone with relatively little knowledge can unclog a sink,... More

How to cut angles on a table saw

How to prepare your table saw for angled cuts Cutting angles on a table saw can be quite easy to do. If you have an odd angle to cut there could be some difficulties that could hamper the cut. To avoid difficulties, follow the steps below and remember that a table saw is a powerful machine so... More

How to cut firewood

In this day and age, firewood is a popular form of fuel. In fact, in Europe people are being encouraged to burn wood instead of fuel, the emissions from wood fires being less damaging to the environment than those forms of heating which use oil. The cutting of firewood is vital to the... More

How to build a storage shed

Shed building basics: A floor, four walls, a roof and a door What's the easiest way to build a storage shed? In Upstate NY, all you have to do is pick up the phone and order one, complete with paint, from the local Amish or Mennonite builders. That doesn't really qualify as a Do It Yourself... More

How to use a spirit level

However big or small the job, level is important. This ranges from putting your refrigerator into service to hanging a picture and is a skill not only required by the workman, but by the lady of the house as well. This will help to be able to achieve level placement of items within the home, as... More

How to cut tile

Tiling looks beautiful when it is laid but how do you cut all those tiles around edges or those which need cutting for areas where the taps are? It takes practice, though even with basic tools can be done. Not everyone can afford the latest technology in tile cutters and this guide is written for... More