How to build a bay window seat

How to build seating for a bay window

The main reason most people install bay windows is to let light into a room. The other reason is to receive the beautiful scenery outside. A place where one can get lost in their thoughts as the peer out the bay window.

A beautiful way to spend a day curled up with as good book or magazine while enjoying the sunlight and beauty from the outside. To enjoy a bay window and get the most satisfaction from having one is to have seating in front of it.


Step 1

The layout of the bay window seat

Some people like a wide bench area to lounge on and others like a simple bench in which to sit. If you enjoy lounging in front of the big bay window. You will need a wide bench for throw pillows and cushions.

The layout should be simple to do. Measure the distance between the two angled walls at their widest point. A average bay window is normally 128 inches across at it’s widest point.

If you have carpet you will need to roll it back away from the wall in front of the bay window to reach the flooring. Use a chalk line to make your marks across the floor. Using that mark on the floor. Measure out from the window to two inches beyond the line on the floor and write down the measurement. This will give you an idea of how wide you need the top bench seat.

Step 2

Materials and tools that you will need

1) — 3 10ft 2×4

2) — Two sheets of 1/2 inch 4×8 foot ply board

3) — wood screws

4) — 3 hinges

5) — Cordless drill

6) — Adjustable angle tool (for determining the angle off the side walls of bay window)

7) — Skill saw

8) — stain or paint (Colors of your choice)

9) -Paint brushes or stain cloth

10) — Fine grit sand paper (For smoothing down the sitting surface)

11) -chalk line and line level

12) — protective eye glasses and ear plug’s

Step 3

Constructing the frame work

The first cut of the 2×4 should be to fit right under the big window. It should be a cut of 64 inches with two determined angle cuts at the ends to conture to the walls at each end. Use a stud finder to determine where the studs are under the bay window and mark them. With the help of a friend use a chalk line and a line level to make the mark on the wall.

Take the first cut 2×4 and place it on the wall. The top of the 2×4 should be right along the line. This will keep the 2×4 level as you secure it to the wall.

You will need to cut two more pieces of 2×4 at 34 inches and cut at an angle to butt up against the 2×4 under the window. It should bring you to the edge of the angled wall off the bay window. mark with a chalk line and check for levelness. Secure the two pieces to the wall at each end.

The next step is to measure from the bottom of the 2×4 on the angled wall at the edge, down to the floor.It should measure out at 17 inches. Cut two pieces and place them under the angle wall 2×4 sections that are secured to the wall. Secure them in place.

For the front of the bench you will need to cut two 2×4 pieces at 124 inches. This will give you the top and the bottom for the front of the bench seat. Hold each end against the 2×4 pieces that are secured to the angled wall and pre — drill your screw holes and counter sink them. This will allow the screw heads to be just beneath the surface. You will need to do this on both top and bottom pieces. You should see the structure part coming together. The only step left is putting in the supports for the seat.

Cut six pieces of 2×4 at 15 inches. These pieces will be the rib supports for the long pieces that go across front and back. Install these pieces every two foot along the front and back.

Next cut three pieces of 2×4 at 30 inches. Secure these pieces every two foot from front to back at the top of the bench.

Step 4

Applying the skin to the outside of the bench.

Most bay window benches are used for storage. It is a good idea to have a lift top bench seat when building a bay window seat. It gives you a place to put your throws and small pillows when not in use.

The 1/2 inch ply board will add beauty to the seat. To add a lift bench it is best to cut two seperate pieces for each end along the angled walls of the bay window. Use your adjustable angle tool to get the correct angle off of the wall before you cut the ply board.

The angled piece of ply board should measure 4 inches off the back inside corner and the front should measure 12 inches. This will allow a section for the lift seat that will measure 104 inches across the seat it self. Once you have the end pieces attached and secured. You will need a strip piece for the back of the bench that measures 4 inches wide by 104 inches across. Secure this to the 2×4 that is attached to the back wall under the bay window.

Now you can lay the seat board that measures 104 inches across by 34 inches wide. it should rest on the top supports and allow you to place your hinges along the back. Once you have all the hardware on and check the seat lid. You are ready to sand and paint or stain.

Things you need for project

• Tape measure
• Chalk line
• Line level
• Stud finder
• cordless drill
• Screws
• Skill saw
• Quick square
• Adjustable angle tool
• Pencil
• Protective eye glasses and ear plugs


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    well done, Rex! I’ve built one of these, for my parents, years ago. We all still love it.

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