How to buy a storm door

Picking a new storm door

Many people have a storm door on each of the exterior doors of their homes. These doors help to keep the elements out and also offer a buffer between the exterior doors of the home and the weather. Storm doors come in a wide variety of styles and configurations and offer the ability to allow airflow into the house during the warmer months if you choose the type that includes screens. Getting a new storm door for your home requires a few very simple steps to achieve.


Step 1

When you are looking to replace your storm door or get one for the first time, you need to measure the opening. Not all doors are the same size. The level-1 sizes for doors run from 30 to 36 inches wide and 81 to 85 inches high. You need to take three width measurements, one at the top, one at the bottom and one in the middle. Record the narrowest measurement. Keep in mind the door has to close. Take one height measurement.

Step 2

Take your measurements with you to the local hardware store or to Home Depot or Lowe’s. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Storm doors are very functional but they are also a very important part of the curb appeal of your home. It is important that you make the correct choice. You want a style and a color that will compliment the style of your home.

Step 3

You will want to consider whether you need to have a glass door, a screen door or a door that can do both. Some of the storm doors have a separate screen that replaces the glass which you will need to store. Other storm doors have a window glass that slides down for storage inside the door. You will want to choose the style that will meet your needs.

Step 4

Once you have decided which style of storm door you want and chosen the color, it is time to give your measurements to a helpful store clerk and let them show you what they have that will give you the look and service that you have in mind. If you plan to bring the storm door home, you will need a way to carry it in your vehicle. You will of course have to pay for it first. If you have a minivan or truck it won’t be hard to get your storm door home. If you drive a compact, pay the fee and have your new storm door delivered to your home.

Things Needed
• measuring tape
• measurements
• credit card

Tips & Warnings
• If your measurements aren’t level-1, go with the smaller size.


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