How to paint over semi gloss paint

How to paint over semi gloss paint

Say goodbye to the shine

Semi gloss paint is the perfect finish when you want to be able to wash a wall or woodwork easily. It is the preferred finish in high traffic areas. When you are in the mood to change your color or to go with a less shiny surface it can be a little more difficult to cover.

With the correct information you will soon be replacing your old paint with the new one of your choice.


Step 1

No matter what type of paint your are trying to cover, it is important to prep your surface. All the dust and dirt needs to be removed. Place a basic cleaner such as Pine Sol or Mr Clean in water and with a rag wipe down the surface you are going to paint. Allow to dry before you go on to the next step.

Step 2

Purchase a can of primer at the same time as you purchase your new paint. It is easiest to apply the majority of the primer with a roller, if there are small or tight spaces you can use a small brush or painting pad. One coat of primer should work for anything but the darkest of semi glosses. The surface now has a matte finish and is set for the application of the new paint.

Step 3

Use a screwdriver to open your new can of paint. Stir the paint and pour into you painting tray. Take your roller and roll it in the paint until it is covered. Apply the paint in long even strokes to your primed surface. You can use a trim pad or a small brush to do the edges and corners. Continue until the entire primed surface is covered. If you are using a one coat paint, one coat should be enough. If not, a second coat may be necessary.

Using this method, it does not matter whether you are applying flat, semi gloss or eggshell paint. All of them have the same results.

Things Needed
• Paint brush
• Roller
• Paint
• Paint tray
• Drop cloth
• Rag or cloth
• Clearer

Tips & Warnings
• It isn’t necessary to sand a semi gloss finish. Primer will stick to semi gloss.


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