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How to winterize your house

Prevent expensive home repair bills and save on home heating costs Preparing the home for winter or home weatherization is an annual home maintenance ritual that saves money and prevents expensive home repair bills. Home heating costs can be reduced by proper insulation and the reduction of air... More

How to install a self-stick vinyl tile floor

While vinyl tiles may not give the classic look of other types of flooring, they are particularly useful in areas which are high traffic areas prone to staining. From the kitchen to the bathroom or even playroom, vinyl tiles are extremely easy to clean making them a wise choice. Coming in a range... More

How to buy a storm door

Picking a new storm door Many people have a storm door on each of the exterior doors of their homes. These doors help to keep the elements out and also offer a buffer between the exterior doors of the home and the weather. Storm doors come in a wide variety of styles and configurations and offer... More

How to remove a garbage disposal from the kitchen sink

When the garbage disposal needs replacing or maintenance The garbage disposal is ubiquitous on every American kitchen sink. It conveniently grinds up food into small particles and then sends them on to the sewage system. Garbage disposals utilitize an electric motor to spin a turntable to force... More

How to remove nails easily

Getting old nails out There are many occasions when a woodworker has to remove nails, and this guide covers the different eventualities that present themselves, and the manner in which to remove nails. It is important to the integrity of the item in question that nails are removed correctly, as... More

How to winterize windows

Save money on your heating costs this winter Winterizing windows in the fall often pays for itself with the first heating bill. Your home will be draft-free while saving money. According the the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy "Properly air sealing such cracks and openings... More

How to use tile spacers

How to use tile spacers. When you install tile, it is worth remembering that the straight lines between tiles which make the job look professional are not guesswork. Tile spacers allow a handyman to lay tiles a certain distance from each other in order to create joints between the tiles which are... More

How to paint over semi gloss paint

Say goodbye to the shine Semi gloss paint is the perfect finish when you want to be able to wash a wall or woodwork easily. It is the preferred finish in high traffic areas. When you are in the mood to change your color or to go with a less shiny surface it can be a little more difficult to... More

How to fix the on/off switch on a Wahl Color Pro clipper

The Wahl Color Pro Color Coded clipper is a good, reliable, inexpensive clipper set. It comes with several adjustable screws that may need to be played with over time for optimum performance, but otherwise it runs relatively problem-free. However, one problem that this clipper can develop after... More

How to apply mosaic tile successfully

This guide goes into the intricate steps needs to install mosaic tile. Applying mosaic tile presents certain difficulties, although once a homeowner becomes familiar with the steps needed for successful installation, these can be overcome. Mosaic tiles gives a wonderful modern look and come... More