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How to defrost a freezer

Making the most of defrosting. Although defrosting a freezer is one of those jobs many households puts off, it gives the owner a great chance to update what is left in their freezer, as well as keep their freezer in tip top condition. The freezer gets frosted, and as it does it also gets less... More

How to create mortise and tenon joints

Perfect joints Mortise and tenon joints are an essential part of the woodworker's craft although this article covers making successful mortise and tenon joins from three perspectives, depending upon the availability of tooling to perform the task. Many workshops will not be fully equipped, and... More

How to calculate area in square yards

How to find area in square yards Measurements in square yards can be used for carpeting, wood and tile flooring, landscaping and much more. Do not let the math scare you, it is really very simple. Use the picture to visualize a square yard. If each square is one yard all nine squares make one... More

How to use a wood burning stove

Woodburning stoves come in many shapes and forms, including modern designs as well as traditional. With the economy taking a turn for the worse, and people thinking about fuel prices, as well as limiting harmful emissions, woodburners are back in style. Not everyone who buys one knows how to... More

How to remove the motor from an Air Wick Freshmatic

If you own a motorized baby cradle or swing, there's a good chance the motor will give out eventually, especially if the cradle or swing is handed down or used for more than one child. Many of these swings, even ones made by different manufacturers, employ the same motor to move the swing. (Two... More

How to install a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink

Save money and install it yourself Installing a garbage disposal is a fairly quick and easy process. Once installed, you'll wonder at the time and labor savings it produces. Nearly half of all American households have a garbage disposal attached to their kitchen sink. It conveniently grinds food... More

How to repair a small hole in a stainless steel sink

Avoid an expensive sink replacement with this quick and easy fix A slip of the knife or ice pick and the next thing you know, you need to repair a small hole in your stainless steel kitchen sink. It happens more often than you might think. Rather than replacing the entire kitchen sink, it's... More

How to fix PVC water pipes

Steps for repairing broken or leaking PVC water pipe You can repair leaking or broken PVC water pipes yourself with just a few tools and supplies. The greatest difficulty usually comes from the location of the pipe needing repair. PVC water pipes can leak at joints if they have been subject to... More

How to patch drywall that has texture

Damage in a textured wall cal look unsightly. Drywall which has a textured finish can be difficult to patch until you understand the theory behind repair. If you use a typical filler in the damaged area, what you produce is a flattened area which becomes an eye sore, and which obviously displays... More

How to replace a toilet seat

Toilet seats can become cracked, warped, broken, or dirty, and you may find yourself needing to put a new seat on. Fortunately, replacing a toilet seat is easy to do. You probably won't need many tools, but it's a good idea to have some on hand just in case a nut is stuck or a washer won't come... More