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How to calculate square footage

The home owner is often faced with the dilemma of working out square footage. If you are unable to determine the square feet of a project, it is difficult to estimate the quantity of materials needed to finish the job. For example, wallpaper rolls clearly label the square footage expected to be... More

How to add a circuit to an electrical panel

How to add a new circuit breaker When a circuit becomes overloaded due to excess use or you need an extra circuit for new electrical items you will need to add a circuit to your electrical panel. Adding a circuit to a panel requires adding a new circuit breaker. Electrical work should always be... More

How to calculate cubic yards

Converting cubic feet to cubic yards Measurements in cubic yards are used in the construction industry for concrete, sand and backfill materials. Homeowners may also need cubic yard measurments when ordering garden mulching materials. Proper calculations will prevent too much or too little... More

How to connect PEX piping

How to connect PEX piping to PEX fittings Working with PEX flexible plumbing pipe is not as difficult as working with copper pipe and the connections can be made without using brute force. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Determining your connection type PEX connections can be made with a... More

How to build your own drafting table

Here's a simple and elegant plan to build your own home drafting table These days, when Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) does most of the hard work, many draftsmen no longer use real tables. But if you still prefer velum, T-square, triangles, rule and pens you'll appreciate this plan for building... More