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How to grow hydroponic lettuce

Use a lettuce raft to grow your own hydroponic lettuce Leafy green lettuces may be grown in a lettuce raft, also known as a deep water culture system. In a lettuce raft, plants float on a Styrofoam raft -hence the name- in a container filled with a nutrient-rich solution. The roots of the plants... More

How to grow dendrobium orchids

A widespread genus, Dendrobium orchids will flourish in many climates. Generally though, provide them with a partly-protected position in a frost-free zone, where they have the best light, and dappled sunshine. As Springtime approaches, Dendrobium orchids will reward you with budding stems that... More

How to grow calendula from seedlings

Calendulas are also sometimes known as English marigold, or pot marigold. This compact growing and hardy annual, has sturdy light-green colored stems supporting beautiful daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow, gold and orange. Easy to grow, calendulas are certainly worth their place, for both... More

How to grow brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts Brussels sprouts are like minature cabbages clustering up the stalk of the mother plant. They require a long growing season, thriving in cool temperatures, but, this nutritious, vitamin-packed vegetable is well worth the wait. Usually, seeds are started indoors by sowing them in... More

How to defrost the freezer

Tips for defrosting your freezer without making a mess Even though all the modern freezers are frost-free, many people are still hanging on to their older models because they are still in good working order. Why spend money on a new freezer when the one you have is not causing any... More

How to Draw a Rose and Stem

Creating a drawing of a rose from scratch Have you ever seen a person draw a rose on the spot -and wished that you could draw, too? Maybe, you have wanted to illustrate a love poem with a beautiful rose. -Or, you've simply wanted to draw a rose to show your love for someone special? Perhaps you... More

How to create a strawberries bed that grows better each year

Strawberries grow in beds that can last forever A properly tended strawberry bed will give you bumper crops of luscious strawberries for years to come, with surprisingly less effort than you would expect. There is nothing quite like picking delicious juicy strawberries right out of your own... More

How to control diseases in a vegetable garden

Garden diseases... There are many parasitic and non-parasitic agents that cause diseases in plants. Parasitic agents generally are viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and higher plants and animals. Non parasitic agents are external physical attributes like sunlight, low light intensity, lack of... More

How to care for a jade plant

How to properly care for your jade plant and keep it healthy. The jade plant (Crassula argentea or Crassula ovata) is a perfect plant to be grown in the home, as it takes very little care and grows easily when properly tended. Jade plants belong to the succulent family, which also includes... More

How to care for a grapevine

Taking care of a grapevine is a fairly easy job. Once the vine is planted in a sunny location with it's roots spread out in deep well drained soil on a south facing spot the shaping, feeding and harvesting is all that is needed. [donate]Instructions Step 1 As soon as the soil can be dug,... More