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How to defrost a freezer

Making the most of defrosting. Although defrosting a freezer is one of those jobs many households puts off, it gives the owner a great chance to update what is left in their freezer, as well as keep their freezer in tip top condition. The freezer gets frosted, and as it does it also gets less... More

How to Unclutter Your Home

How to unclutter your home Everyone has some area of clutter in their home. It's something most of us live with but we can easily change this. We do not have to live with clutter. Getting organized and cleaning up can be a freeing experience and it isn't all that hard. It does take a small amount... More

How to clean fallen hair from the bathroom floor

Fallen hair on the bathroom floor Everyday, the human body sheds a lot of hair as part of the growth and repair process. It is a normal body function. However, cleaning the fallen hair off the floor, especially in the bathroom, can prove quite a task. There are many ways one may clean fallen hair... More

How to create mortise and tenon joints

Perfect joints Mortise and tenon joints are an essential part of the woodworker's craft although this article covers making successful mortise and tenon joins from three perspectives, depending upon the availability of tooling to perform the task. Many workshops will not be fully equipped, and... More

How to clean the windows of a woodburner

See the flames, enjoy the ambiance Woodburner glass tends to get blackened with use and many users of woodburners are unsure of how to clean the glass without damaging it. The crackle of flames in the woodburning stove, and the color or them adds to the ambiance of the room.... More

How to clean laminate flooring

Keeping your floors looking nice Laminate flooring is very popular these days as a cheaper alternative to solid wood flooring. Giving the same look at its traditional counterpart, however, it does require specific care. Laminate flooring is not as strong as solid wood, and will certainly not take... More

How to calculate area in square yards

How to find area in square yards Measurements in square yards can be used for carpeting, wood and tile flooring, landscaping and much more. Do not let the math scare you, it is really very simple. Use the picture to visualize a square yard. If each square is one yard all nine squares make one... More

How to clean a coffee maker

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or not, when you drink or sip coffee, you want it to taste at its highest peak of excellence. One way to ensure this happens is by cleaning your coffeemaker. It's hoped that the hints, tips, and ideas presented will help keep your coffee tasting great, and... More

How to grow potatoes

Its easy when you know how Growing your own vegetables has become more popular again, lately. With most people feeling the economic pinch many are looking at ways to save some money. Growing your own potatoes will give you a tastier potato than the shop bought variety, save you some money and... More

How to get rid of fruit flies

Get rid of these pests safely and quickly Fruit flies are annoying pests that usually gather in your home throughout the summer and fall months. Named for their penchant for fruit and other sugary foods, fruit flies can easily multiply in your home. These flies are more annoying than they are... More