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How to easily fertilize your potted orchids

Any orchid at flowering time, will exhibit a bounty of inherent beauty. It is this splendid moment that the orchid grower looks forward to each year. As displays are shown annually by the enthusiasts, orchid lovers are further inspired, and collections continue to grow. A new variety, a new... More

How to care for a crepe myrtle tree

Anyone who has driven down a street lined with crepe-myrtles in flower will want one for their garden. Whilst some of the older established varieties had the potential to grow as high as 25 feet (8m), now there is a much wider range of crepe myrtles to select from. Many of these being... More

How to use a wood burning stove

Woodburning stoves come in many shapes and forms, including modern designs as well as traditional. With the economy taking a turn for the worse, and people thinking about fuel prices, as well as limiting harmful emissions, woodburners are back in style. Not everyone who buys one knows how to... More

How to remove the motor from an Air Wick Freshmatic

If you own a motorized baby cradle or swing, there's a good chance the motor will give out eventually, especially if the cradle or swing is handed down or used for more than one child. Many of these swings, even ones made by different manufacturers, employ the same motor to move the swing. (Two... More

How to install a garbage disposal under the kitchen sink

Save money and install it yourself Installing a garbage disposal is a fairly quick and easy process. Once installed, you'll wonder at the time and labor savings it produces. Nearly half of all American households have a garbage disposal attached to their kitchen sink. It conveniently grinds food... More

How to get your African violets to bloom

One of the world's most popular house-plants has to be the African violet, with flowers nowadays, in almost every color hue. While some will flower as sweet singles, there are also doubles, ruffles, minis and trailing varieties; and others too, with variegated leaves. Whatever the variety, each... More

How to grow a plum tree

Juicy treasures from compact trees   Plum trees thrive when planted in full sun and well-drained, fertile soil and will reward you with a magical show of deep pink to white blossoms in spring as well as sweet-tasting, juicy fruit in summer or autumn. European plum... More

How to repair a small hole in a stainless steel sink

Avoid an expensive sink replacement with this quick and easy fix A slip of the knife or ice pick and the next thing you know, you need to repair a small hole in your stainless steel kitchen sink. It happens more often than you might think. Rather than replacing the entire kitchen sink, it's... More

How to fix PVC water pipes

Steps for repairing broken or leaking PVC water pipe You can repair leaking or broken PVC water pipes yourself with just a few tools and supplies. The greatest difficulty usually comes from the location of the pipe needing repair. PVC water pipes can leak at joints if they have been subject to... More

How to remove grime from worktop grouting

Nothing looks worse that dirty grout between the tiles on worktops. Even with careful cleaning on a regular basis, tile grouting can become stained from everyday use. Although many products purport to clean the grouting, these cannot do it efficiently without elbow grease. This How to is written... More