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How to rid your garden of slugs and snails

An obvious sign of snails and slugs in a vegetable garden are leaves with holes in them. In advanced cases, entire leaves may be chewed away. In order to save the plants, something has to be done. Snails and slugs are not going to leave on their own. They will lay their eggs deep in the ground... More

How to add a circuit to an electrical panel

How to add a new circuit breaker When a circuit becomes overloaded due to excess use or you need an extra circuit for new electrical items you will need to add a circuit to your electrical panel. Adding a circuit to a panel requires adding a new circuit breaker. Electrical work should always be... More

How to conserve water in the home

Water a precious commodity These days we are all more conscious of the need to protect the environment and to use our valuable resources wisely. Water is one of the most precious commodities that we have. It is needed for life itself and is not the limitless resource that we once thought it to... More

How to grow succulents in the garden, or containers.

Succulents can make a mighty impressive statement in your garden. Imagine a border or mass planting of these flowering Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. Not only hardy, but super easy to grow, and especially eye-catching! Succulent plants grow well also as container plants, making a striking addition to... More

How to sort your laundry

Sorting your laundry Having the whitest, brightest and cleanest laundry requires that laundry be sorted. They are several steps to the sorting process. If you follow these steps you will help to make sure that your clothing and household laundry not only comes out clean and... More

How to grow and sell houseplants at a flea market

Is your home becoming over-run with houseplants? Why not turn that unwanted horticultural clutter into cold, hard cash? Make money growing and selling houseplants at a local Flea Market! You probably have all the items on-hand to produce houseplants to sell since you are an avid home-style,... More

How to calculate cubic yards

Converting cubic feet to cubic yards Measurements in cubic yards are used in the construction industry for concrete, sand and backfill materials. Homeowners may also need cubic yard measurments when ordering garden mulching materials. Proper calculations will prevent too much or too little... More

How to grow bonsai

Choosing and caring for a bonsai tree While the traditional bonsai is created from a tree (with stunted growth) is taken from the wild, a good bonsai can be made from certain shrubs that have woody trunks. It is important to look at the base of the shrub to see the possible root structure that... More

How to defrost your freezer easily

Defrosting made easy Every once in a while, you notice the build up of ice in the freezer. What happens if you leave this is that the freezer becomes less efficient, and has trouble sealing correctly. It is important, therefore, that you defrost the freezer at regular intervals to keep it in tip... More

How to grow roses

Growing roses to beautify your garden   Many people shy away from growing roses for fear that they are too difficult. Roses can be very easy to grow especially if you are wise in your choice of roses. All roses are not created equal and some are much more delicate than... More