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How to connect PEX piping

How to connect PEX piping to PEX fittings Working with PEX flexible plumbing pipe is not as difficult as working with copper pipe and the connections can be made without using brute force. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Determining your connection type PEX connections can be made with a... More

How to grow avocado trees

Growing avocados Avocados are tall, sun loving trees that produce bountiful crops of luscious, creamy-tasting fruits that are ideal chopped up in salads, spread onto sandwiches or made into guacamole. The avocado is an evergreen tree that thrives is full sun and deep, rich, well-drained soil. It... More

How to kill bagworms

An evergreen tree's worst enemy. Bagworms (also known as case moths) are the nemesis of evergreens and can also attack deciduous trees. The bagworm encases itself in a protective coating made from the leaves of the tree and will lay its eggs inside a distinctive sack. This makes bagworms... More

How to plant grapes

Planting nursery raised stock in a big hole where the vines will face the south in a well drained soil will give you a good start towards a healthy vineyard. Lots of sunshine and proper pruning, ferlitilizing, mulching and some time is all that remains to be done. [donate]Instructions Step... More

How to grow almonds

Growing almonds Almond trees put on a wonderful show of pink or white spring blossoms followed by beautiful slender green leaves in summer and a crop of nutritional, sweet, tender nuts in autumn. Because of their all-year-round seasonal beauty, they are also grown for ornamental purposes. The... More

How to be green and frugal in the bathroom

Go green The bathroom is the most used room in the house, next to the kitchen. There are many ways that you can go green in the bathroom without too much inconvenience to you. Not only will being green in the bathroom help to save the planet, it will also help to save you money. Anyone can go... More

How to recyle an old aquarium into a herb garden container

Create a unique herb garden from an old aquarium Do you have a dusty aquarium that is just taking up space in your basement? You can use this to create a very unique container for an indoor or outdoor herb garden, All you have to do is wash out the aquarium and use glass cleaner to make the... More

How to build your own drafting table

Here's a simple and elegant plan to build your own home drafting table These days, when Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) does most of the hard work, many draftsmen no longer use real tables. But if you still prefer velum, T-square, triangles, rule and pens you'll appreciate this plan for building... More

How to grow winter onions

Winter onions - tips The first thing to think about when considering winter onions is whether or not they are the right crop for you. The benefits of growing these vegetables are numerous; planting sets in the autumn allows them to get a head start before winter settles in. The sets are less... More

How to clean granite worktops

Granite is a wonderful natural finish for the modern kitchen, coming in a range of colors to suit the style of the kitchen. Cleaning granite worktops is not as difficult as one may imagine. In fact, with ongoing care, the worktops can be kept looking like new. The best thing about these worktops... More