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How to unclog a kitchen sink

Not all sinks have a shiny plug hole like this one. The amount of bits and pieces which are allowed into the drains in a kitchen situation can mean that blockages are a common thing which householders have to address. Never fear, even someone with relatively little knowledge can unclog a sink,... More

How to control bugs from ruining a vegetable garden

A dozen way to control bugs in your garden Pests, or bugs as we call them, frequently attack gardens. It is no surprise to find leaves of a particular plant eaten, or stems of some chewed away, or the entire garden shockingly razed to nothing overnight in a rage of locust feeding frenzy. Whatever... More

How to make newspaper seeding pots

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and an organic gardener, you might be interested in creating your own seeding pots using something as common as newspaper. Instead of shelling out bucks for planting trays, either plastic or Styrofoam, you can spend a pleasant time, even with your kids, preparing... More

How to clean your bedroom

From messy to clean This guide helps the messiest people to the tidy people clean up their bedrooms. No matter what you do a bedroom magically seems to continually accumulate clutter from day to day and for some procrastinators, week to week. In the end you know you have to clean your bedroom.... More

How to grow Black-eyed Susan Vine

  While it might be considered somewhat old-fashioned, the brilliant Black-eyed-Susan vine (Thunbergia alata), does have some redeeming features that are worth preserving. This perennial vine originating from the tropical regions of East Africa, will offer a "pretty as a... More

How to arrange a dozen roses

Making a lovely arrangement of garden roses From the dawn of time, roses have symbolized divine perfection. As early as 35 million years ago roses flourished. In fact, roses were in early man's first gardens. Imagine roses in the first garden (the Garden of Eden). What a sight that would have... More

How to grow petunias

Petunias: top of the list, most outstanding annuals. With the advent of spring, every keen gardener starts thinking seriously again about planting out bright and colorful annuals. An old favorite, the trumpet-shaped, beautiful and bountiful petunia, is always an eye-catcher in any spring and... More

How to appeal property tax in Georgia

Taxes? But only on fair market value The saying goes, "Death and Taxes are the only two certainties of life." Both are inevitable, but with both there are things that can be done to ease the situation. This guide will be talking about easing the tax bill for property tax in the state of Georgia.... More

How to cut angles on a table saw

How to prepare your table saw for angled cuts Cutting angles on a table saw can be quite easy to do. If you have an odd angle to cut there could be some difficulties that could hamper the cut. To avoid difficulties, follow the steps below and remember that a table saw is a powerful machine so... More

How to care for a begonia

Tips for taking care of your begonias Begonias are perennial plants that bloom in tropical climates. The flowers can be pink, red or yellow and the leaves bear distinctive markings. Those who live in a climate that is warm and humid can easily grow begoniasin pots outdoors in their gardens. In... More