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How to cut firewood

In this day and age, firewood is a popular form of fuel. In fact, in Europe people are being encouraged to burn wood instead of fuel, the emissions from wood fires being less damaging to the environment than those forms of heating which use oil. The cutting of firewood is vital to the... More

How to clean an electric kettle

A simple method for removing the chalky off-white scale from the element of your kettle. While it is not dangerous to drink water that is boiled in a kettle with lime scale deposits in it, it is rather unappealing. It also has the unfortunate side-effect of making your kettle less efficient, as... More

How to prune a grape vine

Trimming and tying the grapes as a farmer with a vineyard calls it is actually a pretty simple process. With a few tools and a small amount of time the task can be accomplished. Making sure this happens at the right time of year can pay off in a great harvest which makes it well worth your... More

How to start a community garden

Step 3 Funding and land selection Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 In every community there are individuals who will or are able to help support a garden. The local tree service may donate chipped wood for weed control on the paths. The county assemblyman may provide a small donation to buy... More

How to save money on a house purchase in France

Be wise, and learn before buying When buying a house in France, particular attention needs to be paid to many aspects of the house purchasing process. Not only do many need much renovation work, and costs need to be estimated for this in a country where you need to speak the language - but legal... More

How to find wild bluebonnet flowers

Locate bluebonnets, the Texas state flower Step 1 Learn history Look on line of information on bluebonnets. Several research centers and Texas A&M University have done studies on the species of flower and where it grows most abundantly. Study the history of bluebonnets, the state flower of... More

How to prune grapevines

Pruning or trimming grapevines is a simple process of cutting off the excess growth with sharp pruners. The basic shape of the vines when you are done should be a T or double T. All of the trimming must be done while the vines are dormant. If you are planting a new vine the pruning is more... More

How to pick and press bluebonnet wildflowers

Have you been told it's illegal to pick Bluebonnets in Texas? Many flower lovers and gardeners who visit in Texas think it is illegal to pick those beautiful Bluebonnets along Texas highways. Gardeners who live in Texas, however, know it is perfectly legal to pick Bluebonnets, the state flower of... More

How to propagate fuschia plants with cuttings

Such an exciting prospect that we're able to make new plants from old. It's why any gardener delights in a gift of cuttings. Fuschias offer lots of color to an ideally partially-shaded position, in frost-free zones. Fuschias have charm, with their long pendulous stems with flowers sometimes in... More

How to grow beans

Beans are easy to grow. They pop out of the ground fairly quickly and look quite impressive right away, unlike some plants, for example carrots, which produce such tiny seedlings and are slow to geminate. They also have the advantage of being a plant which takes less out of the soil than the... More