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How to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure It's on everyone's mind these days and with good reason; the population of bed bugs has exploded in recent years. Although they were almost eradicated in the 1950's, lately we've seen an unparallelled resurgence of bed bugs. The reason for this is... More

How to build a storage shed

Shed building basics: A floor, four walls, a roof and a door What's the easiest way to build a storage shed? In Upstate NY, all you have to do is pick up the phone and order one, complete with paint, from the local Amish or Mennonite builders. That doesn't really qualify as a Do It Yourself... More

How to de-clutter your home

A place for everything and everything in its place Clutter is what makes the rooms of your home look messy and untidy. One of the main principles of Feng Shui for decorating and cleaning homes is to keep clutter to a minimum. Naturally there will be times when clutter is necessary when you are... More

How to clean the turbo brush on a  Bissell Cleanview Helix vacuum

The Bissell Cleanview Helix is an upright vacuum that comes with several attachments. One of them is the Turbo Brush, which is useful for vacuuming steps and narrow places. The Turbo Brush can get clogged with hair and dirt, keeping the brush from spinning. Cleaning the Turbo Brush is easy, and... More

How to hang out wash

Tips for hanging out laundry on a washline Lots of people agree that laundry, just off the wash line, smells great. That fresh, crisp smell goes a long way to making this chore worth the time it takes. But this chore also has other benefits. Although it takes more time than stuffing it in the... More

How to grow a peach tree

Planting and aftercare of peach trees Apart from producing an abundance of sweet, golden, juicy fruit the peach tree offers a stunning display of spring blossoms. There are two basic types of peach trees to choose from: the level-1 which grows about 5 to 6 meters tall spreading to 5 meters wide... More

How to use a spirit level

However big or small the job, level is important. This ranges from putting your refrigerator into service to hanging a picture and is a skill not only required by the workman, but by the lady of the house as well. This will help to be able to achieve level placement of items within the home, as... More

How to grow carrots

Growing carrots You can be harvesting, sweet, crisp, vitamin-rich carrots for most of the year round with a mixture of different types of seed. The two main groups that carrot varieties belong to are long-rooted and short-rooted. Long-rooted carrots are the typical looking carrot with a long,... More

How to cut tile

Tiling looks beautiful when it is laid but how do you cut all those tiles around edges or those which need cutting for areas where the taps are? It takes practice, though even with basic tools can be done. Not everyone can afford the latest technology in tile cutters and this guide is written for... More

How to grow petunias from seedlings

Petunias: top of the list, most outstanding annuals. With the advent of spring, every keen gardener starts thinking seriously again about planting out bright and colorful annuals. An old favorite, the trumpet-shaped, beautiful and bountiful petunia, is always an eye-catcher in any spring and... More