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How to plant a container cacti garden

Growing cacti in containers Growing minature cacti in containers, makes for an interesting 'look but don't touch' garden. Enjoy the fascinating and varied growth forms of minature cacti and be amazed by their unusual and vibrant colored flowers. This shallow planting box includes a combination... More

How to winterize your house

Prevent expensive home repair bills and save on home heating costs Preparing the home for winter or home weatherization is an annual home maintenance ritual that saves money and prevents expensive home repair bills. Home heating costs can be reduced by proper insulation and the reduction of air... More

How to care for a Devil’s Ivy house plant

How to care for a Pothos house plant The Devil's Ivy or Pothos and its many variations (Marbled Queen or Golden Pothos) are very simple to grow, easily propagated, and can survive without much attention; these traits make the Epipremnum aureum or Pothos a wildly popular foliage house plant. Known... More

How to install a self-stick vinyl tile floor

While vinyl tiles may not give the classic look of other types of flooring, they are particularly useful in areas which are high traffic areas prone to staining. From the kitchen to the bathroom or even playroom, vinyl tiles are extremely easy to clean making them a wise choice. Coming in a range... More

How to clean oil based paint from paintbrushes

Getting the paint out When you are painting the exterior of your home, chances are you are going to be using an oil based paint. Oil based paints are a better choice when the item being painted will be exposed to the elements. The same things that make oil based paint a long lasting choice also... More

How to make a seed bomb

Seed bombs are the basic weapon of choice for guerrilla gardeners who want to transform a disused, neglected area of land into a colourful oasis. Guerrilla gardeners will usually work a piece of land with the tools of the average gardener if access to the land is easy, but there are occassions... More

How to grow an aloe vera

Keep cooling, soothing aloe vera on hand Aloe vera is a favorite herb for household remedies. This perennial native of the tropics also grows wild in parts of Mexico and Texas. In Zones 9 and 10, it can be found growing in many gardens, and is a favorite houseplant in cooler climates. Similar in... More

How to make a dish garden from succulents

Succulents are very easy to grow. All you need is a little imagination and these adaptable, abstract shaped plants will present an amazing display of exceptional flowers, foliage and forms when planted as a container garden. This dish example includes a variety of upright plants, spreading... More

How to prepare a short sale package

Is your house upside down? About 50% of all homeowners are expected to be upside down in 2010. Not really upside down, but owing more to the bank on their home loan than the house is worth. If you absolutely must sell your house, you may need to negotiate a short sale with the bank in order to... More

How to build a raised bed vegetable garden

The reasons for a raised bed garden When your knees are sore and your body no longer bends freely, gardening becomes harder to do. A raised bed garden eliminates some of the stress and allows people of all ages to grow healthy vegetables. Raised bed gardens are not just for those who are not able... More