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How to buy a storm door

Picking a new storm door Many people have a storm door on each of the exterior doors of their homes. These doors help to keep the elements out and also offer a buffer between the exterior doors of the home and the weather. Storm doors come in a wide variety of styles and configurations and offer... More

How to clean stains from coffee cups and plastic dishware

Remove stains in less than five minutes without scrubbing! Removing stains from mugs and dishes brings new life to old ware and keeps you from replacing items that are free of cracks and other damage but simply look dirty all the time. The best part is that removing unsightly stains from coffee... More

How to wash a wool sweater

How to wash a sweater to avoid shrinkage and pilling Most sweaters are made of a combination of fibers that help avoid pilling and shrinkage when washed in cold water. Some of these combinations allow for the sweater to be dried in an electric or gas drier on low setting without ruining the... More

How to organize a shared closet in the master bedroom

Tips for being able to locate clothing in a shared closet Organizing your bedroom closet will give you the peace of mind you need when you know where all your clothes are located. Especially, when you share a closet with your spouse; there needs to be a good system to keep it neat so you both can... More

How to remove a garbage disposal from the kitchen sink

When the garbage disposal needs replacing or maintenance The garbage disposal is ubiquitous on every American kitchen sink. It conveniently grinds up food into small particles and then sends them on to the sewage system. Garbage disposals utilitize an electric motor to spin a turntable to force... More

How to grow a vegetable garden

Veggie Gardening 101 Have you ever wondered how to grow that ripe, juicy tomato? Or have you ever been in need of vegetable gardening tips? Well, there are some pretty basic principles to growing a vegetable garden. Allow me to offer these three letters of wisdom before you venture off into your... More

How to grow spinach

Growing spinach Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is a leafy green plant that is popular in gardens, as it's fairly easy to grow. Not only can it be grown in an outdoor garden, but it will also thrive in a pot inside or on a porch, making it convenient for those living in apartments or otherwise... More

How to make money from your vegetable garden

Your own vegetable market Growing a vegetable garden can turn a passion for gardening into a thriving business. All that a gardener requires is time to spare, a small patch of land, knack at gardening and a fair sense of business. Of course, a fair sense of business will not prove difficult... More

How to remove mildew from clothing

Tips for removing mildew stains from your clothing Mildew is a form of mold that is quite commonly found on clothes that you haven't worn for a while. This occurs most often when you put clothes in drawers before you realize that it isn't completely dry. The dampness is a breeding ground for... More

How to create a miniature watergarden

Growing aquatic plants in containers You can easily creative your own miniature water-garden by planting floating dwarf waterlilies and other beautiful aquatic plants for a pretty and colorful summer display . This example will show you how to plant up your water garden combining upright and... More