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How to Grow Strawberries

Strawberry beds were meant to last for ever A properly tended strawberry bed will give you bumper crops of luscious strawberries for years to come, with surprisingly less effort than you would expect. There is nothing quite like picking delicious juicy strawberries right out of your own garden... More

How to clean a messy house

Cleaning the mess 101 We have all seen it, the messy house. You may need to clean it because you are expecting company or you may have finally decided that you just can't live with the mess. Either way, there are a few strategies that will help you not only to clean a messy house but to keep your... More

How to care for gardenia bushes

A popular shrub with everything going for it The gardenia, with its origins in China and Japan, is a most popular evergreen landscaping shrub the world round. Growing generally in a compact shape with glossy dark-green leaves, gardenias are favored for their beautiful wax-like, creamy white... More

How to use rocks and stones in landscaping the garden

Using your imagination in the garden The use of nature to create a landscape is a pretty natural progression, and little by little people are learning that sometimes the elements that nature offers can enhance the look of their garden to such an extent as to make the difference between a... More

How to remove nails easily

Getting old nails out There are many occasions when a woodworker has to remove nails, and this guide covers the different eventualities that present themselves, and the manner in which to remove nails. It is important to the integrity of the item in question that nails are removed correctly, as... More

How to acid wash clothes

How to get the acid washed look for your old jeans Acid washed jeans are a very trendy style of clothing for all ages. They are quite expensive to buy, but you can achieve this look with your old jeans by acid washing them yourself. You don't wash the jeans in acid, as the style suggests, because... More

How to winterize windows

Save money on your heating costs this winter Winterizing windows in the fall often pays for itself with the first heating bill. Your home will be draft-free while saving money. According the the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy "Properly air sealing such cracks and openings... More

How to use tile spacers

How to use tile spacers. When you install tile, it is worth remembering that the straight lines between tiles which make the job look professional are not guesswork. Tile spacers allow a handyman to lay tiles a certain distance from each other in order to create joints between the tiles which are... More

How to wash mixed colors and avoid bleeding

How to wash mixed loads and avoid color transfer Washing mixed loads can be made trouble-free by preventing color transfer in a few easy steps. There are some products on the market that will absorb excess dyes in the water and enable people to wash darks, whites and colors together. Bleach is... More

How to paint over semi gloss paint

Say goodbye to the shine Semi gloss paint is the perfect finish when you want to be able to wash a wall or woodwork easily. It is the preferred finish in high traffic areas. When you are in the mood to change your color or to go with a less shiny surface it can be a little more difficult to... More