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How to write a grocery list

Writing a grocery shopping list is easy, isn't it? To the inexperienced or ineffective shopper writing a grocery list, may seen simple. Just jot down what you need to buy and off you go. Actually though, in order for your grocery list to enable you to minimise your shopping time, achieve the... More

How to grow corn

How to grow corn: from seed to cob, from sowing to steaming Hot, steamed, corn-on-the-cob. What a delicious summer treat, a gift your vegetable garden offers as the perfect side-dish for barbeques, Sunday dinners or even a quick backyard lunch. Growing sweet corn is not difficult at all, though... More

How to fix the on/off switch on a Wahl Color Pro clipper

The Wahl Color Pro Color Coded clipper is a good, reliable, inexpensive clipper set. It comes with several adjustable screws that may need to be played with over time for optimum performance, but otherwise it runs relatively problem-free. However, one problem that this clipper can develop after... More

How to apply mosaic tile successfully

This guide goes into the intricate steps needs to install mosaic tile. Applying mosaic tile presents certain difficulties, although once a homeowner becomes familiar with the steps needed for successful installation, these can be overcome. Mosaic tiles gives a wonderful modern look and come... More

How to propagate roses from cuttings

Striking rose cuttings Propagating roses for your own use or to give to friends and family as gifts is easy. It is so simple, even the beginner gardener can master it. This simple method of striking roses is by taking cuttings. It is quick, easy and the bushes produced from the cuttings will be... More

How to prevent drooping tulips

Help those beautiul tulips last Don't wait too late to add a penny to the water! Save those tulips! [donate2] Things Needed • fresh tulips from garden or florist • scissors • clear glass vase • clean tap water • all copper penny Tips &... More

How to grow zucchini

Choose the exact kind of zucchini you want to grow. All versions are faster growing than the winter squash types and but won't keep as well as that branch of squash.This versatile yellow or green vegetable which is often included in Italien recipes is easy to grow.Pick a sunny spot and get those... More

How to grow shallots

Growing shallots at home Step 2 Planter box Obtain any planter used for gardening and planting and fill with moisture retentive soil rich in organic matter. As its roots are fine and short, a shallow planter box of 5 to 6 inches deep will suffice. Step 3 Planting Break up the clove of... More

How to grow Pelargonium peltatum, the «ivy geranium»

One of the most popular of the Pelargonium family would have to be the more commonly known, Ivy Geranium. This specie offers a long lasting, colorful floral display for just a modicum of effort. Keen gardeners love this attribute! With light green succulent type leaves, Ivy Geraniums are... More

How to grow lemon trees

Step 1 Prepare the planting site Choose a position for your lemon tree in full sun and make sure it is sheltered from the wind. Dig the ground over removing any weeds and rocks from the bed. Dig to at least twice the size of the root ball and add sand if the drainage is poor. Also mix in plent... More