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How to write a short sale hardship letter

A hardship letter can be key to acceptance into the program As part of your loan modification, or short sale package all lenders ask for the homeowner to write a "hardship letter". This is simply a letter stating to the lender what caused the problem you are having, that has made you fall... More

How to appeal property tax in Georgia

Taxes? But only on fair market value The saying goes, "Death and Taxes are the only two certainties of life." Both are inevitable, but with both there are things that can be done to ease the situation. This guide will be talking about easing the tax bill for property tax in the state of Georgia.... More

How to save money on a house purchase in France

Be wise, and learn before buying When buying a house in France, particular attention needs to be paid to many aspects of the house purchasing process. Not only do many need much renovation work, and costs need to be estimated for this in a country where you need to speak the language - but legal... More

How to prepare a short sale package

Is your house upside down? About 50% of all homeowners are expected to be upside down in 2010. Not really upside down, but owing more to the bank on their home loan than the house is worth. If you absolutely must sell your house, you may need to negotiate a short sale with the bank in order to... More