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How to get free coupons by mail

Quick and easy ways to get coupons In an attempt to get and keep shoppers in their stores, companies are finding incentives to get the customers spending. In addition to savvy advertisements, coupons have become one of the best marketing tools used to entice consumers. While most people rely on... More

How to earn extra money online

Simple ways to make money online The Internet has opened the door to a whole new way to make extra money. Many people are already cashing in on this great opportunity, while others are trying to get their foot in the door. You can start earning a good amount of extra money by following these easy... More

How to find your car’s Kelley Blue Book value online

Kelley Blue Book is widely regarded as the premier way to estimate the value of your car, truck, or other automobile. Now Kelley Blue Book can be found online, and you can determine the selling value or trade-in value of your vehicle right from your computer. [donate]Instructions Step... More

How to calm the itching during pregnancy

Itching during pregnancy is a normal complaint Itching during pregnancy is a normal complaint from most pregnant women. As the abdomen, hips, and breasts expand, the skin becomes stretched and dry. The skin may even crack open and lead to painful itching and discomfort. Hormones can also affect... More

How to make amends to someone you have hurt

As humans we all make mistakes All of us are human, therefore, we all have done things to hurt someone at some point in our life. Whether it is a small mistake or a large transgression, we are aware of it in the small recesses of our mind even many years after the fact. We... More

How to find unclaimed property in California

Don't be fooled There has been an entire industry created around helping people locate unclaimed assets. All too frequently, companies send blind emails or hard copy mail to people telling them that there may be assets held by a state government that rightfully belong to them. In some cases,... More

How to plan ‘Christmas Dinner 2010’

Make Christmas dinner 2010 the best it can be We all want to impress our guests with a fantastic Christmas menu and this year can be one of the best, if the planning is complete and detailed. The best way to ensure grand results from your Christmas Eve or Christmas day meal plan is to make lists;... More

How to change the gear box oil in a Vespa ET4 scooter

Keep your scooter gears shifting smoothly Changing the gear box oil, otherwise known as hub oil, is an important maintenance item on a Vespa ET4. According to the Vespa ET4 Owner's Manual it should be changed every two years or 3000 miles. The gear box oil on a scooter is the equivalent of... More

How to decorate a mirror

Framed reflections Make a plain mirror a new focus of attention by adding a highly textured frame. You can achieve this yourself by using surprisingly inexpensive materials. Plain mirrors are a quick, economical way to add interest to a wall and to create an illusion of more space, but they are... More

How to write a Shakespearean sonnet

Writing a Shakespearean Sonnet William Shakespeare, one of the most renowned of all English writers lived during the second half of the sixteenth century. He was a famous poet and play-writer and was instrumental in creating the form of poetry called the Sonnet. Between the years 1592 to 1598,... More