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How to find your car’s Kelley Blue Book value online

Kelley Blue Book is widely regarded as the premier way to estimate the value of your car, truck, or other automobile. Now Kelley Blue Book can be found online, and you can determine the selling value or trade-in value of your vehicle right from your computer. [donate]Instructions Step... More

How to change the gear box oil in a Vespa ET4 scooter

Keep your scooter gears shifting smoothly Changing the gear box oil, otherwise known as hub oil, is an important maintenance item on a Vespa ET4. According to the Vespa ET4 Owner's Manual it should be changed every two years or 3000 miles. The gear box oil on a scooter is the equivalent of... More

How to check the engine oil level on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Regularly check the engine oil in your scooter for long engine life Checking the engine oil level in your Vespa ET4 scooter is one of the most important maintenance items for your scooter. Without engine oil, the scooter engine will seize and incur a major repair bill. Checking the oil on your... More

How to disable the horn on a 2005 Honda CR-V

Just like any other electrical component, an automobile horn can malfunction. There might be a short in the wiring somewhere causing the horn to blare uncontrollably, or maybe the problem lies with the car's security system. If the alarm is being set off, either by a loud noise like fireworks or... More

How to set the clock time on a 2005 Honda CR-V EX

The clock on the 2005 Honda CR-V can easily be reset if it shows the wrong time. Whether to adjust for daylight savings time or simply because the time is incorrect, you can change the time that is displayed by following the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Press the clock... More

How to replace the fuel line on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Change annually to prevent fuel line cracking and leaking The fuel line on the Vespa ET4 is notorious for cracking and leaking gasoline. The heat from the exhaust system causes the stock fuel line to become brittle and crack over time. If you are finding mysterious puddles of gasoline on the... More

How to install an in-line fuel filter on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Keep fuel impurities out of your scooter carburetor Installing an in-line fuel filter will help prevent many dirty fuel issues that scooters can suffer from. It's much easier to let a fuel filter catch impurities and change the filter than have to open up the carburetor and clean the jets. For... More

How to disable the horn on a 2003 Honda Civic

If you have an alarm system on your car, it can sometimes go off at inopportune times. Thunder is notorious for setting off car alarms, and precipitation such as hard rain or hail can also cause the alarm to go off. If your alarm is easily set off by storms, you may want to disable the horn... More

How to maintain a scooter

Give your motor scooter a long lifespan Maintaining a scooter may not be as much fun as riding it, but a regular maintenance schedule will extend its lifespan. Many scooter maintenance items require minimal time, tools, and mechanical ablitily. Much like cars scooters have mechanical parts that... More

How to check the gear box oil level on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Promote long engine life and prevent expensive engine seizures The gears and bearings on the Vespa ET4 experience a great deal of stress during normal useage. To prevent excessive wear and keep them running smoothy, they need a minimum level of gear oil. Checking the gear box oil level on the... More

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