How to easily clean your car’s headlights

How to easily clean your car's headlights

Many auto retailers sell complete cleaning kits that you can use to clean or de-fog your headlights. These kits generally work well, but you can often save money by using a simple cleaner and rag to clean the headlights, which is sufficient in many instances to get them looking clear as glass and good as new.

«D» Ink is the cleaner recommended here, however if you have a similar cleaner it may work just as well. «D» Ink can be purchased from for $4.95 for a 4-ounce bottle.


Step 1

Test the headlights

Either at night or in a dark area (such as a garage) test your headlights to see how they look before you start.

Step 2

Clean the headlights

It’s not required, but it’s a good idea to turn the headlights off before you clean them, both to save money (and bulb life) and to protect your eyes.

Pour some «D» Ink onto your rag or towel (which is preferably a soft cloth or other smooth material, without bumps or ridges). Start with enough cleaner to cover an area of the towel about the size of your palm.

Using firm pressure, wipe one headlight completely with the rag. (For extremely dirty headlights, you might have to do half the light at a time.) The rag will probably look black or dark brown by now — fold it over to a clean area, apply some more «D» Ink, and then move on to the other light. Be sure to wipe away any excess liquid.

Step 3

Test them again

Once you’ve gone over each light one time completely, turn the headlights back on to see how they look. If they look better (clearer, less foggy) but not perfect, repeat the cleaning process. Once they look crystal clear, your job is done. You should notice your headlights shining a lot farther at night, and other vehicles will be able to see you easier.

If you’ve cleaned the headlights several times but they remain dirty or foggy, you may need to purchase a professional cleaning kit. After using the kit and restoring your headlights, use «D» Ink (or another cleaner) regularly to keep the lights from getting as dirty as they were.

Things Needed
• «D» Ink (or a similar cleaner)
• a rag, towel, or lint-free napkin

Tips & Warnings
• Headlights that have extreme dirt build-up or that are overly fogged up may require a professional cleaning kit to restore full visibility.
• Exercise care when using «D» Ink. It can stain clothes and cause a burning sensation if it gets into an open wound.


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